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Horizontal mixer structure


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The horizontal mixer consists of four parts: housing assembly, mixing system, driving system, and sealing structure.

1. Housing assembly
The housing assembly is mainly composed of the feed port, body, top cover and outlet, which plays the role of forming the overall structure and supporting components.



The shell is an ω-shaped barrel bent from high-quality carbon steel plates, which has extremely strong yield strength. The supporting parts can make the shell sufficiently rigid to ensure the parallelism of the twin horizontal axes and the coaxiality of the single axis. The material enters the inside of the shell through the feed port. There are access holes on the top cover, which are mainly used for daily inspection and maintenance. The main function of the discharge port is to transport materials to the next process. At the same time, when materials accumulate in the housing, it is used to clean up the accumulated materials to avoid equipment failure caused by excessive load and affecting production.

2. Mixing system
The mixing system mainly consists of the main shaft, fan blades, and bearing seats, and together with the shell assembly form the main structure of the horizontal mixer.

The two main shafts of the mixing system are fixed parallel to each other in the bearing seat and housing, with opposite running directions and a 45° staggered layout. Each main shaft has 64 fan blades. The fan blades rotate during the rotation of the main shaft to achieve uniform mixing and transport the materials to the next process.

The spindle material is high-quality carbon steel, which is welded by a steel pipe and a short shaft. The blade material is high-strength manganese steel, which is made through normalizing, annealing, quenching and tempering and other heat treatments. The blades are fixed on the main shaft with high-strength bolts. The main shaft is fixed and supported mainly through the bearing seats on both sides. There are spherical roller bearings and thrust bearings in the bearing seats to provide guarantee for the rotation and transmission of the main shaft.

3. Drive system
The driving device mainly consists of motor, reducer, coupler, pulley, and V-shaped triangle belt. Use high-quality motors for the motor. Before starting the motor, check whether there is accumulation of pulverized coal in the casing. If so, clean the material before starting the motor. The reducer adopts one-stage bevel gear transmission and two-stage involute planetary gear transmission, and the output adopts hollow shaft involute spline connection. It has the characteristics of compact structure, small volume, and the input shaft and input disk rotate synchronously. The coupler uses a torque-limiting hydraulic coupler, which is mainly composed of a pump wheel, a turbine, a rotating shell, and a rear auxiliary chamber. The motor drives the pump wheel to rotate, and the turbine oil in the coupler impacts the rotation of the turbine, thereby driving the pulley to rotate. It has a simple structure and It has the advantages of strong overload protection and smooth transmission. The pulley is divided into two parts: the driving pulley and the driven pulley. The driving pulley is installed on the motor side, and the driven pulley is installed on the reducer side. The two are connected through a V-shaped triangle belt for transmission, which has the advantages of high efficiency, strong stability, and easy maintenance.



4. Sealing structure
The sealing structure mainly adopts mechanical labyrinth seal, the seal body is made of high-quality carbon steel, and the sealing packing adopts rubber O-ring. Its sealing effect is good, it can effectively prevent dust from overflowing and meet the requirements of environmental protection.

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