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Vertical High Intensity Mixer

The vertical intensive mixer is a new type of mixing equipment developed by our company, which can mix the materials evenly in a short time. 

High Intensity Mixer

KZM (the upgraded version of the original HWQ) was developed for various applications such as the preparation of raw materials and solid waste treatment. Devices with different working conditions and capacities have different configurations and specifications.

Pin Mixer Granulator

Pin mixer is used for micro mixing and granulation with suitable materials. Mixing and granulation are performed in the same unit. Powder and liquid materials are converted into small pellets by means of high-speed rotors and pin shafts.

Strong Shear Mixer

KZJ strong shear extruder is independently developed by our company. It is mainly suitable for the fine mixing operation of a variety of viscous powder and granule materials with high water content, such as phosphogypsum used to make lightweight blocks and bauxite tails used to make low-temperature ceramics.

Twin-Shaft Mixer

MTS twin-shaft continuous mixer adopts the screw blades to make the material move forward alternately within the machine, which has the characteristics of strong mixing ability and continuous and even feeding. It is suitable for mixing and humidifying loose materials, such as coal humidification, and it can also be used as a pretreatment equipment for fine mixing.
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