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Strong Shear Mixer

KZJ strong shear extruder is independently developed by our company. It is mainly suitable for the fine mixing operation of a variety of viscous powder and granule materials with high water content, such as phosphogypsum used to make lightweight blocks and bauxite tails used to make low-temperature ceramics.

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Strong Shear Mixer


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KZJ high speed shear mixer is developed by our company. It is mainly applied to fine mixing operation for a variety of viscous powder materials with high water content. For example, phosphogypsum made of lightweight blocks and bauxite tail preparation of low-temperature ceramic mixing operations. It has conveying section, mixing and pinching section and extrusion section, these three sections are relatively independent but also interact with each other.  The accuracy of micro mixing can be achieved through the strong mixing and pinching.

It has the characteristics of reliable operation, closed and continuous operation, high mixing accuracy and high production.


Main applications:

1. Phosphogypsum for lightweight blocks, bauxite tailings for low-temperature ceramics, and alumina solid waste residue for CBC road materials.

2. Different kinds of graphite and asphalt mixing. It isa thermal mixing pinch with heat insulation measures.when used in the carbon industry.

3. Where fine mixing is required, the water content of applied material is generally 25-80%.


Basic features:

1. It is equiped with forced feeding device, for feeding the excessive viscosity material.

2. The geometric shape inside of the mixer is like a transverse "8" or circle, without dead angle, and all materials have equal mixing and pinching opportunities.

3. The mixing rotor is composed of several groups of forced feeding mechanisms, aims to achieve a strong kneading.

4. The final extrusion blade and discharge head get the materials  a strong extrusion, and further dispersed and infiltrated between the materials.

5. Mixing and pinching tools and forced feeding spirals are treated with abrasion resistance.

6. Power, rotation speed and energy transfer mode can be selected according to work tasks. Automation, adjustable rotor speed and extrusion strength. Mixing chamber with wet cleaning device (nozzle).


Shear Mixer Technical parameters:

Strong Shear Mixer


Strong Shear Mixer

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