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Ultra-high Pressure Briquetting Machine

In practice, some materials are difficult to shape, and the binder is unwanted. So in this case, a briquetting machine with higher line pressure is needed. Generally, we consider a roller press with a line pressure ratio of more than 20t/cm is an ultra-high pressure ball press.

Briquetting Machine

Briquetting machine is the main equipement with the applied powder material forming technology. Its apllications can be seen in a wide range of industries. Briquetting, as a stage of the process, it could be aimed for minimizing the need of dust removal and ventilate.

Medium Pressure Briquetting Machine

In practice, we noticed that not all materials need high pressure briquetting, however, some medium pressure machines are even more suitable for briquetting the certain materials. The difference with high pressure briquetting is that the smaller line pressure.
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