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Medium Pressure Briquetting Machine

In practice, we noticed that not all materials need high pressure briquetting, however, some medium pressure machines are even more suitable for briquetting the certain materials. The difference with high pressure briquetting is that the smaller line pressure.

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Medium Pressure Briquetting Machine


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Product Introduction:

In practice, we noticed that not all materials need high pressurebriquetting, however, some medium pressure machines are evenmore suitable for briquetting the certain materials. The differencewith high pressure briquetting is that the smaller line pressure. The line pressure from 2t/cm to 5t/cm is considered as mediumpressure briquetting machine.And the common ones are 3t/cmand 5t/cm.

Technical Characteristics:

1. The transmission system: Motor--reducer--double shaft synchronous gear box with deceleration--two rollers. The system belongs to pure torque output,and it ensures the two rollers rotatesynchronously.

2. Roller structure adopts integrated roll sleeve or split roll sleeve structure.

3. Reasonable feeding device like precompression screw is one of the core techniques in ourcompany.

4. According to different briquetting models,we have a reasonable and ingenious design of ballalignment.

5. Professional knowlege of roller materials is significant.

6. We have rich experience and knowledge in optimizing the entire structure and kinetic parameters, referring to specific material.


Different materials have related briquetting performance,which requires a reasonable andoptimized machine. The quality of final product significant.

The briquetting performance of a material depends on itself, such as the fineness,grain size,water content, composition,etc., which usually needs to be determined by testing.

Not all materials have sphericity, if the bonding force between the material particles is low, a suitable adhesive is necessary. According to the physical properties of the material and the purpose of the final briquette, the choice of binder needs to be made based on its bonding performance and use cost. Various adhesives such as starch, bentonite, asphalt, quicklime, cement, water, flour, lignosulfonate, molasses, polymers, resins, sodium silicate and new composite binders are for specific purposes.

The key process of briquetting machine is 'continuous quantification', which usually requirescontinuous batching, mixing and subsequent drying links.

In practice, Kaizheng has accumulated considerable experience with a complete turnkeysystem, including electrical interlock and interface control, that integrates system molding unitsto meet your specific needs.

Note: The process varies relating to different materials and applications.

Applied Materials:

Nickel laterite, desulfurized gypsum, cold-state coal briquette, formed coke, high water content material.

Technical Parameters:



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