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Ammonium chloride granulation scheme 



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Ammonium chloride granulation scheme 

  The combined soda production method has the characteristics of light pollution and high utilization rate of raw materials, and has become the preferred production mode for the relocation of old enterprises in the soda production industry, making the output of ammonium chloride, a by-product of soda ash, increase year by year this year. According to statistics, the plant scale reached more than 14 million tons in 2009, with the output reaching 8.55 million tons, and there is an upward trend year by year. There are many restrictions on direct fertilization of powdery ammonium chloride as chemical fertilizer, most of which are used as raw materials for compound fertilizers. Granulation of ammonium chloride is one of the effective ways to solve the problem of agricultural ammonium chloride. Granular ammonium chloride has the advantages of mechanized fertilization, blending with other fertilizers to produce BB fertilizer, prolonging fertilizer efficiency, etc. 

1. Technical Scheme 
1.1 Production method 
      Using powdery dry ammonium as raw material, it is dry extruded into sheets by an extrusion granulator, crushed by a crusher and screened by a vibrating screen to produce granular ammonium chloride. It is planned to produce 2-4mm and 1-2mm. 

1.2 Process Flow 
      The finished agricultural ammonium chloride after being dried in a dry ammonium furnace is qualified, It is transported by a belt conveyor to a distribution scraper, Conveyed to 4 extrusion granulators, After being extruded into sheets, the sheet is conveyed by a belt conveyor to a primary impact crusher for coarse crushing, and then enters a frequency conversion screen for screening, Materials over 4mm will be transported by the bucket machine to the secondary fine crusher and the secondary frequency conversion screen for crushing and screening again, and products with particle sizes of 1-2mm or 2-4mm after primary and secondary crushing and screening will be transported to the corresponding finished product warehouse for packaging by the belt conveyor and the bucket machine respectively. However, fine powder with a particle size of less than 1mm is returned to the return bucket machine by the return belt and mixed with dry ammonium powder for re-extrusion. At the same time, it is necessary to add a bag filter to carry out negative pressure dust removal on all open blanking ports and bucket machine exhaust to ensure the operating environment. 
2. Project Scheme 
    A tabletting belt is arranged on one floor, The second floor supports 4 high-pressure extruders with independent concrete frame structure. The height is 2 meters, and the concrete frame structures are connected by steel structures. The three floors are equipped with steel structure platforms on the basis of the concrete frame structures. The equipment is equipped with feeding belts and distribution scrapers. The height is 6 meters. The primary and secondary crushers and frequency conversion screens are also supported by separate concrete frame structures, while the bag filter is supported by steel structure frames. The main equipment is connected by belt conveyor, bucket conveyor, scraper and screw conveyor. 

3. Environmental benefits 
    As only ammonium chloride powder is extruded, crushed and screened to produce granular ammonium chloride, electricity is mainly consumed, and waste water and waste gas will not be generated. In the process of ammonium chloride processing and transportation, a small amount of dust will be generated. In the technical scheme, a bag filter has been considered for dust removal. 

4. Social benefits 
    After the implementation of the project, it will expand the sales channels of agricultural ammonium chloride, increase the sales volume of agricultural ammonium chloride and increase the variety of enterprise products. It is a project with less investment and quick results. It will provide a convenient and practical fertilizer for agricultural production and also improve the economic benefits of enterprises. 

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