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Treatment Technology of Converter Sludge 



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Description of the High-temperature Roasting Process: 

Firstly, the converter sludge is mixed after batching and then roasted in a rotary chamber. (The rotation chamber can determine the transformation according to the set constant temperature time, which ensures that the chemical composition of the cooling ball meets the standard requirements. At an appropriate temperature, roasting in the rotary chamber may remove most harmful elements in sludge.) After the hot-processed mixture is cooled, a proper amount of binder is added, and the mixture is fully mixed and rolled at an appropriate temperature, and then 35x20mm pellets are formed by a high-pressure ball press. This kind of pellet has the characteristics of high density, high strength and uniform particle size. The pellets are then dried in a box-type chain drying furnace until the water content is below 1% and the compressive strength is above 180N/piece, thus becoming qualified cooling slag melting balls. 

Features of process flow: Rotary kiln is used for roasting in this process, and most harmful elements can be removed under a proper thermal system. In order to ensure that the chemical composition of slag balls reaches the standard, the rotary kiln can determine the rotating speed according to the set constant temperature time. The hot-processed mixture is mixed with a proper amount of binder, fully mixed and rolled at an appropriate temperature, and then formed into 35x20mm pellets by a high-pressure ball press. The flexibility of the process is good, and the chemical composition of the product can be adjusted at any time according to the requirements of users. 

The main equipment of the process includes feeder, mixer, rotary chamber, mixing mill, ball press, drying furnace, conveyor belt conveyor, crane and dust collector, etc. 

Environmental Impact Analysis: 
Self-produced gas, steam and electricity are used in the process for production, so the waste gas and lampblack generated are less polluted. After dust collection treatment, the dust and flue gas emissions will be strictly implemented in accordance with the national standards. Equipment noise in the production process will be reduced by adding lubrication, sound insulation, sound absorption, noise elimination and shock absorption. 

Social and Economic Benefits: 
The production of cooling slag ball conforms to the principle of comprehensive utilization of waste resources, is an industry encouraged and supported by the state, and can make good use of industrial waste gas to create economic benefits. The technology of using converter sludge to produce cooling slag balls for steelmaking is mature, and many steel mills at home and abroad are using it. The application of this technology can make the by-products from smelting operation meet the needs of cooling and slagging in steelmaking after processing, and turn the waste into steel, thus realizing a virtuous circle in the steelmaking process and improving the economic benefits of enterprises.

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