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Assembling Key Points of Briquette Machine



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Assembling Key Points of Briquette Machine

  Briquette machine is a kind of ball-making equipment, which can continuously send all kinds of dry and wet powder to the rolling area through the prepressing device and press the dry and wet powder into balls under the pressure of the rolling area. Mainly used in coal, mining, metallurgy, refractory materials, building materials, and other industries. 
  To ensure the assembly quality of briquette machine equipment products, it is necessary to operate according to the specified assembly technical requirements of various ball pressing machine products. Although the assembly technical requirements of different ball press products are different, there are many key points that must be observed together in the assembly process. 
1, Carry a good job of cleaning and cleaning parts. Cleaning includes removing residual casting sand, rust, chips, etc. In addition, some important parts, such as the gantry cutting machine, should be coated with antirust paint. Oil stains, rust or attached chips on parts can be cleaned with diesel oil, kerosene, or gasoline as a washing solution, and then dried with compressed air. 
2. Lubricant is generally required for matching surfaces before matching or connecting. Especially the bearing part in the headstock part and the screw nut part of the lifting mechanism. 
3. The matching size of matching parts shall be accurate. Re-inspection or random inspection shall be carried out on the matching size during assembly. For example, the shaft diameter of the spindle is matched with the bearing, the hole where the spindle box is matched with the bearing, and its center distance.  
4. Gear assembly requires that the axial lines of the two toothed wheels must be in the same plane and parallel to each other. Normal toothed clearance shall be ensured and axial dislocation ≤ 2 mm at the same time. 
5. The joint surface of the connection shall be checked for smoothness and deformation. Otherwise, it shall be trimmed to remove burrs and ensure that the joint surface is in close contact, smooth, and not skewed. 
6. The seal shall be pressed into the sealing groove in parallel and shall not be distorted or damaged to scratch the sealing surface. 



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