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Causes & Solutions of Briquette with Rough Edges  



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Causes & Solutions of Briquette with Rough Edges  

The briquette machine is mainly used to press various powdery materials such as pulverized coal, coal surface, slime, medium coal, coking coal, coke powder, coke powder, coke, and metallurgical powder cold-pressed pellets into briquettes. It can be produced into a square, spherical, oval, goose egg, round, column, strip, bread, pillow, and other special shapes. Its purpose is to reduce dust, control bulk density, return to utilization, improve transportability, and so on. 
Causes and Solutions:
1. There is a gap between the two rollers. If there is a gap between the two rollers, the contact area of materials in the two pressing rollers will be reduced, and some materials will not be pressed by the rollers, resulting in "rough edges" in the finished briquettes of the briquetting machine. In this case, we can adjust the gap between the rollers of the briquette machine. Note that the gap between the two rollers can not be too small, if it is too small or too tight, it will lead to lockage two rollers, which means it can not rotate, but also reduce the life of the briquette machine roller. 
2. There is no central contrast between the ball sockets on the two roller skins of the briquetting machine. If it is slight, it will cause rough edges in the finished briquette, and if it is serious, it will lead to unqualified briquetting products and misplaced products. By then we have to adjust the two rollers, and the bearings of the two rollers so that the bearings and the center point of the stick ball-socket are compared. In this way, the briquette pressed by the briquette machine will not have rough edges. 
After the above adjustment, we can press out smooth and strong briquettes, and there will be no deformation and slag dropping in transportation neither. 



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