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Troubleshooting of High-pressure Roller Press 



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Excessive Vibration

Failure performance: The machine body vibrates during operation, sometimes accompanied by strong impact sound, which is mainly related to the coarse or fine feeding particles, unstable or poor continuity of material pressure, and high extrusion force. Treatment: If the grain size of the feed is too fine, it should reduce the amount of return to increase the average grain size of the feed, on the contrary, increase the amount of return to fill the gap between large particles. At the same time, keep the continuity of batching and the stability of the silo layer. Also, keep the proper extrusion force (6-8MP). 
Poor Hydraulic System 
Failure performance: low pressure or inability to go up, broken sealing ring, oil leakage in oil cylinder, etc. Treatment method: Keep the hydraulic oil clean, often clean the relief valve and reversing valve, and replace the sealing ring at each connecting part in time if it is found to be damaged. 
High Bearing Temperature Difference 
The lubrication of the roller press system is carried out in the form of automatic adding lubricating oil. When starting up every time, the tanker automatically refuels for ten minutes, but it is necessary to check whether there is oil in the oil drum and whether the oil inlet at each lubricating point is smooth. It is necessary to ensure that the filter screen of the reducer is often cleaned and the circulating cooling water path is unblocked. 
The Large Deviation Between Two Rolls 
Check whether the pressure of the hydraulic system on both sides is balanced. If the pressure on both sides is unbalanced, it will deviate from the top. Then check whether the bar valve openings on both sides of the upper silo are the same. 
Roll Surface Damage 
Roll surface damage includes: roll surface cracks, roll surface pits, or roll surface hard wear-resistant layer peeling off. It is required that during production and use, never drop hard iron into the roller press, and install an iron remover at the coarse powder returned from the breaker to prevent the iron from circulating extrusion in the roller press. After the roller surface is damaged, contact the equipment manufacturer in time and ask professionals to repair it by surfacing it on site. 
Bearing Damage  
Roller press imported bearing sleeve design normal service life is eight to ten years, as long as we usually strengthen equipment lubrication maintenance, there will be no problem. There are also roller presses with different extrusion methods and transmission structures due to different manufacturers. During production, the silo should keep a certain weight, the materials should have columns during operation, and the silo should not be empty (the dust in the empty workshop is very large). Try to make the roller press do more work, and the current of the two-roller press should reach more than 70% of the rated current, so as to improve the grinding rate of the whole system. 



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