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Treatment of Abnormal Heating of Briquette Machine



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Treatment of Abnormal Heating of Briquette Machine

In the use of high-pressure briquetting machine and other briquetting equipment,  we often encountered the motor heating, even burnt failure. What are the main causes of these failures and how to maintain them? Luoyang Kaizheng's engineers will analyze for you that how to make your briquetting equipment have a longer service life, lower failure rate, and more economic benefits.  

1. The abnormal vibration or noise of the motor of the briquette machine easily causes the heating of the motor. If the bearing of the briquette machine does not work normally, it will definitely cause the motor to heat up. 
2. In the production and operation of briquetting equipment, the excitation current increases because of the high voltage, which makes the motor have abnormal heating. 
3. During the operation of mechanical equipment, the power supply voltage is on the high side, the excitation current increases, and the motor will excessively heat up. Excessive voltage will endanger the motor and make it in danger of breakdown, resulting in a phase-to-phase short circuit and winding open circuit. Whether the winding is a short circuit or an open circuit, it may cause the motor to heat up or even burn down. After this happens, the machine must be stopped immediately. 
4. The clearance between stator and rotor of briquetting equipment motor is very small, which easily leads to a collision between stator and rotor. 
In view of the above problems, the equipment must be debugged in strict accordance with the mechanical electricity standard in the early stage. The difference between the three-phase power supply voltages should not exceed ±5% of the rated value, and the motor power supply voltage should not exceed ±10% of the rated value. The change of motor power supply voltage should not exceed ±5% of the rated value, and the motor output power can keep the rated value. Make the voltage standard, the briquette machine can run smoothly.

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