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High-speed mixing and granulating machine in China's pharmaceutical industry



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High-speed mixing and the granulating machine is relatively fast development in recent years, a solid preparation of pharmaceutical equipment, the process of mixing, granulation two-step process together, not only to save time and meet the GMP requirements, reduce cross-contamination, improve efficiency, is a fast and efficient way, popular among users. In the current several solid preparation processes, a high-speed mixing granulator is the most used granulation equipment, but also the most economical. The pharmaceutical industry, according to incomplete statistics, has occupied 70% of the solid preparation of granulation equipment.



Generally speaking, the granules made by the high-speed mixing granulator have an irregular shape, uniform particle size distribution, perfect structure compared to other traditional granulation processes, strong compressibility, good solubility and moderate moisture permeability.


At different granulation speeds, the particle size of the particles is in the range of 12 to 100 mm, the distribution range can choose different granulating paddle speeds and stirring paddle speeds to obtain (when the granulating paddle speed is slow, the particle size becomes larger, the speed is gradually accelerated and the particle size gradually becomes smaller; when the stirring paddle speed is slow, the particle size is small, the speed gradually becomes faster and the particle size gradually increases, the two play just the opposite role).


The usual high-speed mixing and granulating machine can be used manually to adjust the speed of the mixing paddle and the granulating paddle to work out the experimental process parameters. In other words, the two paddle speeds can be varied over time to produce particle size parameters, which can then be entered into two frequency converters in turn for program control, thus ensuring a stable and uniform quality for each batch.


So how should I operate the high-speed mixing and granulating machine?



Preparation work before commissioning and empty car test:

1. Check whether the electricity, gas and water in the workshop are already in place and in standby mode.


2. Turn the potentiometer switch on the operation panel counterclockwise to be in the slow speed position.


3. Since the lid cannot be opened during operation and will automatically stop after opening to ensure safety, it needs to be set in position before starting.


   Observe and check the stirring paddle from the lid sight glass, first press the stirring paddle start button (green) to observe the stirring paddle turning - it should turn counterclockwise, if the turning is not correct, the motor should be switched into the line to confirm the turning and then start.


    If there is any abnormal noise during the slow rotation, it should be stopped and checked.


4. check the granulating knife should be turned clockwise, check the same method as above.


5. debugging gas seal, gas seal cleaning and water cooling system.

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