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Study on the selection of wearing parts of horizontal high intensity mixer



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Horizontal high intensity mixer is developed for the preparation of raw materials, solid waste treatment and other various process tasks, the current application working conditions are: the components vary greatly in the mixing of powder, such as iron concentrate powder and bentonite, there are powder and binder mixing, but also the mixing of semi-solid materials.


The service life of the mixer wearing parts directly affects the production stability, this article will briefly introduce the mixer wearing parts selection method.


1. Mixing machine structure


1.1 Compositiona cylinder, spindle, bearing support, transmission device and so on.: 


1.2 Working principleThe cylinder is fixed, placed horizontally, and the spindle is driven by the drive device to do directional rotation. There are several groups of rakes made of special materials with Angle installed on the spindle. Through the stirring, mixing and promoting effect of the rake on the material, the purpose of mixing and conveying materials is achieved.


1.3 Internal structure diagram



2. Reasons for wear and tear of mixer wear parts


The barrel of an ordinary powerful mixer is equipped with an oiled nylon liner, which is easy to stick when dealing with iron ore concentrate containing moisture mixed with 2% bentonite material. With the wear and tear of the material rake, the sticky material becomes thicker and thicker, as hard as a stone.


The material rake work is along the cylinder wall for 360 ° uniform rotation, material rake rotating work every moment and material contact, there is contact is bound to be wear. And because the material rake work is along the cylinder wall for 360 ° uniform rotation, will produce a linear velocity, but also will produce an angular velocity, because of the existence of angular velocity, and it has direction, so in addition to the head of the material rake working surface wear is large, the surrounding wear is also very strong.


Comprehensive analysis of the above, the knotted material, not wear-resistant material rake, large linear velocity, and large angular velocity together led to the rapid wear of the material rake.


3. Mixer wear parts material study


3.1 Compared with the working condition of high intensity mixer, the material rake is not wear-resistant, whether cast steel or alloy. The zirconium aluminium porcelain material is used to wrap the working surface of the material rake head, which can well solve the problem of wear around the rake head.


3.2 Replace all the liner plates inside the cylinder with UHMWPE liner plates, which are very suitable for the working conditions of powerful mixers:

①Self-lubricating performance than steel and brass after adding lubricating oil lubrication is high;

②In a certain temperature and humidity range can be resistant to a variety of corrosive media and the role of organic solvents, its chemical stability is very high;

③Non-stick material, its surface and other materials are not easily attached, anti-adhesive performance is very strong;

④Good toughness can be easily bent into various shapes. After replacing the liner, it solves the problem of sticking material on the cylinder wall very well, and the top and side of the cylinder are no longer knotted material, which greatly reduces the wear of the material rake.


4. Conclusion


Through the actual production test, the service life of the ceramic rake is greatly prolonged compared with that of the ordinary metal rake, which greatly reduces the maintenance frequency of the equipment and improves the operation rate of the equipment.

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