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500,000 tons of oxidation pellet production line equipment overview


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Through practice, it is found that the finished ore produced by grate rotary kiln process has the characteristics of uniform quality, good metallurgical properties, more fuel available and strong adaptability to raw materials. This paper introduces what equipment should be equipped with the production line equipment.


1. Roller mill

The roller mill is mainly used for fine grinding of raw materials, which can improve the specific surface area and pellet-forming performance of raw materials.


2. High Intensity Mixer

High intensity mixer mainly mixes the ingredients fully after fine grinding, and the mixed materials enter the ball making chamber.


3. Disk briquetting machine

The tilt Angle and rotation speed of the pelletizing plate can be adjusted within a certain range to meet the technological conditions of different raw materials and ensure higher pelletizing rate and better raw ball quality. The raw balls produced by the briquetting machine are sent to the grate by the tape machine.


4. Chain grate machine

The chain grate machine is mainly used for sieving, fabric, drying and preheating of raw pellets, so that the pellets can reach a certain strength to meet the requirements of rotary kiln roasting. Before the chain grate machine, there are raw ball screening and fabric process. After screening, fabric pellets in the chain grate machine for drying, preheating.


5. Rotary kiln

The rotary kiln mainly completes the roasting and consolidation of the oxide pellets. The preheated pellets enter the rotary kiln, and with the rotation of the kiln, the pellets keep tumbling and make full contact with the high temperature hot air stream to achieve uniform roasting and consolidation.


6. Blast ring cooler

The temperature of the oxidized pellet ore tapped from the rotary kiln is about 1100℃-1200℃, which is cloth into the cooling table of the blast ring cooler. The high temperature pellets are fully cooled by the cold air drummed into the ring cooler, and a small amount of magnetite that has not been fully oxidized in the kiln is further oxidized,  so that the content of FeO in the pellets is less than 1%.


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