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Possible issues & solutions for Ore Powder Briquetting


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The ore powder ball press has strong pressure and stable performance. Generally, problems are rarely encountered. The purpose of maintenance and repair work for the production line, is to make sure the machine operating under a perfect condition, in the mean time, save costs and produce profits with high quality products. We are going to talk about some possible problems we might meet, and the solutions.


1.Pressed balls can not be demoulded smoothly

The briquette is formed by the roller press of the machine, however it happens sometimes that the pressed ball can not be demoulded smoothly from the machine. The reasons are various, and they have greatly negative effect on our production capacity and quality. So it is essential for us to address this issue in time.



  • The feed material might has not enough moisture. If the material is too dry, the problem is more likely to happen. However, the moisture is over added, it might cause blockage. Therefore, it is significant to prepare the material with an appropriate moisture ratio.
  • If burrs appeared on the outlet of the mold, you will need to use abrasive paper to smooth it to a certain level.
  • The even feeding is also very important and it is fundamental for a stable production.


2. Restart repeatedly

The repeated restart of the briquette machine is generally caused by the low power of the power supply and it is insufficient to drive the machine to work properly.



In order to solve this problem, firstly, we need to use a multimeter to test the power supply voltage. It must be tested with the load turned on to determine whether there is a power supply problem. It should be highly noted that, the power consuming varies greatly, whether the heater was turned on or not. So we should make sure there is sufficient power from the electrical supply equipment.


3. Half or full broken briquette

This problem occurs when the operation staff does not know well enough of the material, like the appropriate moisture ratio.



It is vital during the whole briquetting process, which normally requires times of experiments and adjustments. The consequence of over-dry or over-wet of the feed material, has been discussed early in this paper.

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