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Installation and maintenance of Mixing machine


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I believe that many people after buying a mixer, will have a question on how to use it? How do you install it? What should I pay attention to when using it? These are the questions that buyers want to know, after all, the correct installation and use method is very important. Today Kaizheng is going to talk with you about how to install and use the mixer? Let's take a look!


1. Installation
During the installation of the mixer, it should be noted that the mixer and the electric control box should be installed on the cement foundation or solid steel frame foundation respectively. Calibrate the mixer at the horizontal position and fix it with six anchor bolts to make sure the mixer is securely mounted so that it will be safer during the operation.


The resistance heating ring is used for heat mixing heating during the installation, and the high ignition point mechanical oil in the heating jacket is uniformly transferred to the pot body. Water cooling is adopted for cold mixing cooling, and uniform cooling is achieved through internal and external jacket cooling water, and the power line is connected through underground protection pipe. Erection dimensions and retaining bolts shall be carried out according to the relevant erection foundation drawings.


The installation should be carried out by relevant professional technicians to ensure that the installation is correct.


2. Operation
Before using the mixer, carefully check whether the power supply and air source are consistent meet the requirements of the machine. All parts and components are fully installed. Check the circuit connection during installation according to the circuit diagram without errors. Each lubrication point should be filled with the specified lubricating oil (grease) to wipe out the anti-rust oil in all parts of the machine.

Hot mixing should start with low speed with no load, and then run in a high speed with no load. The hot and cold mixing operation direction should be in accordance with the fuselage label instructions, empty operation for 10 minutes, and check whether the safety limit switch and pneumatic part of the pot cover are normal, whether the unloading door can be opened or closed properly. It can be putted into production and operation after running the test.

The mixer should be checked again after trial to see if there are any problems or faults before cleaning up. Paying attention to the machine once started operation, if it it not operating in a short time, you should carefully wipe the pot wall and stirring slurry. If you are not using it for a long-term, it should be coated with anti-rust oil.

3. Maintenance
The main shaft of the mixer shall be lubricated regularly to ensure normal operation.

The machine as a whole shall be inspected regularly to solve problems as soon as they are found, and shall be regularly repaired, replaced with damaged or worn parts, and the electrical wiring and components shall be checked.

The screw hole should not be blocked for oil temperature and air permeability.

High speed mixer is not allowed to start with load or start frequently. Hot mixing should start with low speed then high speed, and then feeding. Discharging should not stop.

The lifting of the lid should first remove the fastening handle and the joint to prevent damage to the lid.

Check and maintain the machine after operation with the work of lubrication and anti-rust.

All above is about the installation and maintenance of a mixer. In general, pay attention to the installation of fixed work, to have a technician to install. Check the power supply and air supply while using the machine, and carry out test operation. Check the machine after operation. Then is the maintenance work, if the maintenance work done well, it can extend the service life of the machine.

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