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Clean coal briquette process and equipment selection


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When choosing briquette equipment, such as high pressure ball press, we mainly concentrate on its production capacity, whether the production line construction is qualified, whether environmental protection is met and whether it can pass the acceptance or not. Today, Kaizheng environmental protection will introduce the clean coal briquette equipment production process and equipment selection.



Main process of clean coal briquette production line: batching, crushing, dosing, mixing, rolling, storage, molding, drying, cooling, packing and stacking.


Principles of equipment selection for clean coal briquette production line: equipment selection matches the planned production capacity, meets the requirements of production process, conforms to the principles of advanced technology, environmental protection, energy saving, economic rationality, production application, low operating cost and easy maintenance.


Matters need attention:

  1. .Batching machine: the bottom is equipped with a quantitative feeder, which can automatically adjust the rotation speed according to the required output value and effectively record the output.
  2. .Crusher: should choose to effectively reduce the coal dust equipment in the production process, or to take totally enclosed and dust removal facilities. Suggesting crusher selection into the mouth for negative pressure into the material with no gas of the two-stage crusher, to ensure that the results of different hardness of the coal of coal breakage can be reasonably start and stop the operation of the two levels of hammer head. Controlling raw coal crushing caused by dust, put an end to cause secondary pollution. The crusher is equipped with dust collector, which can effectively reduce the dust.
  3. .Mixer: It is divided into fine mixing and rough mixing. Coarse mixing blade is large spiral blade while fine mixing is ceramic blade. It can effectively extend blade service life. It is recommended to use a double-shaft mixer, which not only mixes other coal materials with each other and penetrates to squeeze, but also rolls and enters the lower blade for repetition after each stage of blade mixing and extrusion. The mixing stroke is longer, which is featured as sufficient mixing, good result, low cost, fewer faults and simple maintenance.
  4. . Coal briquetting machine: It must meet the requirements of pressure adjustable, ball roller abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and after-ball easy demoulding.
  5. . Drying system: It consists of drying furnace, hot air furnace, dust collector and related accessories. There are two types of drying furnace which are horizontal drying furnace and vertical drying furnace. The advantages of horizontal drying furnace are as follows: the air inlet valve of the horizontal dryer adjusts the air inlet to achieve the interval temperature balance. Tuyere is interlaced, realize convective drying. Chain plate flip structure doubles drying efficiency. Bottom plate chain slag machine can timely clean the internal slag. Pulley block tensioning can reduce the impact of thermal load on the chain. The disadvantages of vertical drying furnace are: coal briquette compressing in the tower for a long time, long stroke, makes it a higher crushing rate. Feeding, discharging and drying are not uniform. In the drying process, a large amount of fine coal is produced along with the flow of drying flue gas. The hot air furnace requires wide air duct, convenient air distribution, and clean fuel as the main fuel. The laying of the hot air furnace should realize the functions of adjustable hot air volume, controllable wind temperature, low dust content and obvious dust removal effect.
  6. .Cooling system: To design reasonably, select and use high level silo, can effectively avoid the potential fire risk of the ground stacking which has a poor heat dissipation, and problems caused by second time of packing dust. The installation of a cooling fan outside the cooling bin can effectively reduce the briquette temperature.

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