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Selection Principle of Powder Mixing Equipment (1)


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The choice of mixing equipment is actually varies from different materials in different working conditions. Similar materials for different purposes, the choice of equipment is also different. We carry on the comb according to own practice experience. I hope it helps you.




1. Mixing conditions 


Condition description




Dry Powder Mixing

Specific gravity varies little.

Dry mixing of mortar

Mixing difficulty is low

The specific gravity of materials varies greatly

Slaked lime and straw powder

Mixing difficulty is high

The proportions of mixed components varies little

Limestone with different granularity.

Mixing difficulty is low

The specific gravity of materials varies greatly.

Coal and bituminous powder.

Mixing difficulty is high


Mixing of dry powder and liquid

A lot of dry powder and a little liquid

Metallurgical dust removal and binder

Mixing difficulty is high

Dry powder with lots of liquid

Flour and water

Mixing difficulty is high


Mixing of viscous materials

Converter sludge and iron scale, dust removal,Red mud,Phosphogypsum and other mixed materials

It varies according to mixing requirements


Hot mixing

Pulverized coal and liquid asphalt

Diatomite and lard



Sludge mixture

Urban sludge and waste, Urban sludge and carbon source



Mixing of high abrasion materials

Iron ore and Bentonite clay.

Sintering raw material mixing.

Chromium ore powder, manganese ore powder and binder mixture.

Chromium iron mixed with nickel iron.

The difficulty lies in the great wear of the material and the high requirement of the material.


In fact, the choice of mixing equipment varies from different working conditions. The above listed are only some typical working conditions and many are actually encountered in production.


2. Factors influencing solid mixing

As solid material mixing does not have the property of self-diffusion, external force must be used to force the material to flow. There are many factors affecting the mixing, mainly including particle size and distribution, apparent density, surface properties, electrostatic charge, moisture content, fluidity, cohesion and so on. In the initial stage of mixing, the mixing degree increases rapidly, and then flattens out in the later stage. If the particle size difference is too large, the mixing process will be unstable. This is because large particles are easy to separate and small particles are easy to deposit in the lower part of the device. If the density of powder particles differs too much, the mixing degree will be irregular at the beginning of mixing, but will decrease at a certain mixing degree. If the material has a certain electrostatic charge, at the initial mixing stage, the mixing degree rises with poor regularity, and then rises slowly to a certain extent.


3. Mixing process mechanism

3.1 Diffusion mixing. The material moves randomly in a small range, so long as the segregation does not occur at the same time, the diffusion mixing can finally make the mixing of solids highly uniform. Typical equipment and cylinder mixer, general mixing time is longer, used for mixing between powder is possible, more suitable for mixing between very worn powder.

3.2 Convective mixing. The material is moving randomly on a large scale and may form a circulation and mix simultaneously. Convective mixing has the difference between weak convection and strong convection. Generally speaking, equipment with low mixing velocity such as twin-shaft mixer is a relatively typical weak convective mixing, while the high-intensity mixer belongs to strong convective mixing.

3.3 Shear mixing. The mixing produced by the relative movement of particles within a material, typical of equipment such as a wheel mill. Virtually all devices have three mixing mechanisms at once, but there is always one mechanism mainly on charge.

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