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Selection Principle of Mixing Equipment (2)


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4. Mixing Degree

The degree to which the material is uniformly mixed is called mixing degree or uniformity. In powder mixing, the final purpose of mixing is very rare. Mixing is only a kind of pre-treatment, and the final product can be obtained only after all the operation processes are completed. Therefore, the uniformity of the mixture must correspond to the quality of the final product before evaluation. For example, in the condition of adding binder mixed pressing ball, the mixing uniformity can be judged by the ball-forming rate and the strength of the final ball.

If the mixed operation is evaluated separately, it is actually quite difficult in practice. The usual method is that the content of a certain element in any sample can be detected. And then the standard deviation method is used to determine the mixing uniformity.

5. Mixing equipment is commonly used for powder mixing and applicable working conditions.

• Regarding to powder mixing, in the case of no liquid addition, you can choose a twin-shaft mixer, because this kind of mixer is relatively mild mixing, uniformity is generally able to meet the requirements.
• For the wet work of the powder, you can also choose the twin-shaft mixer, the advantage is that the speed is relatively low, less abrasion
• Considering its own moisture and viscosity of the powder and dry powder mixing with binder, we can generally choose a high-intensity mixer or wheel mill. The high-intensity mixing machine belongs to the strong convection mixing, the wheel mill belongs to the shear mixing, the mixing uniformity can meet the requirements.
• For very abrasive materials, the mixer should be carefully selected. Such as chromium ore powder, manganese ore powder, ferromanganese, etc. According to our practice, we still recommend to use the twin-shaft mixer.

In fact, the configuration of the mixer is also varied, such as the choice of material, whether to add metal or non-metal lining, etc.We believe that only when we have a clear understanding of mixing purpose,working condition and the nature and characteristics of mixed materials, then we can choose mixing equipment reasonably and correctly.

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