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Binder for the Cold Consolidated Pellets (2)


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4. Description for the organic binder performance

4.1 Industrial syrup, pulp waste liquid

The use of industrial syrup as binder has a significant relationship with sugar content. The syrup has a rich diversity, and the bonding ability is directly affected by the sugar content, which is C12H22O11. here. There are usually optical and chemical methods to measure sucrose content, but they are complex and difficult to be used in practice. Therefore, the method of arranging industrial samples is generally adopted, and the strength of the final ball is used to judge the advantages and disadvantages of the syrup. For the same quality of syrup, the amount of addition is usually determined by the pressure ball experiment.

Pulp waste liquid is a dark brown thin paste liquid, soluble in water, specific gravity 1.2-1.5. The technical index of different manufacturers will be different. And a technical index of a manufacturer is provided here: water content 68.9%, dry matter 31.1%, in which water insoluble matter < 0.652%, mineral substance 9.96%, PH >7.

4.2  Peridur is an organic binder derived from a natural cellulose.

Its appearance is a loose white powder. It is mainly composed of long chain molecules containing a large number of hydroxyl groups. Cellulose is a polysaccharide in which the repeated anhydrous glucose units are linked by glycoside bonds (-1,4 sugars). Peridur is prepared by replacing the hydrogen atoms of the three hydroxyl groups of anhydrous glucose in an appropriate manner which is soluble in water. By physical adsorption, water molecules are bound around their carbon chains and thus have strong properties of fixing water. 1g Peridur can bind 4.95g water, 5~10 times as much as bentonite (0.66~0.91g water). So it helps to improve the strength of the ball without slowing it down. Peridur is made from cellulose, so it is non-toxic and contains no elements harmful to the environment or smelting, such as phosphorus and sulfur. Peridur does not contain silica, so the iron content of pellets will not be reduced by the addition of Peridur as a binder. To produce pellets with similar quality, the addition amount of Peridur is only 10%~20% of that of high-sodium Wyoming bentonite. Peridur is burned when pellets are fired, so the porosity of pellets increases and the reduction of pellets is expected to increase by 20%~30%. Peridur XC-3, produced by the Dutch company ENKA, has been used in industrial production.

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