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Chinese Classical Musical Instrument-Erhu



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Speaking of Chinese erhu, I believe everyone should know some more or less. Erhu can often be seen in cultural and artistic parties and film and television works. Erhu, a musical instrument, began in the Tang Dynasty and has a history of more than 1,000 years. It originated from a minority in the ancient northern region of our country and was then called "Xiqin". Tang Dynasty poet Cen Can's poem "The Chinese Army Buys Wine to Lead Back to Guests, Hu Qin Pipa and Qiang Di" shows that Hu Qin has begun to spread in the Tang Dynasty, and she is the general name of Chinese and Western stringed instruments and plucked instruments.


It was only in modern times that Hu Qin changed its name to Erhu. For more than half a century, the level of Erhu performance has entered its heyday. Learning from the playing techniques and techniques of western musical instruments, the Erhu is boldly and scientifically positioned as five positions, thus expanding the range of Erhu, enriching the expressive force and establishing a new artistic connotation.


For Erhu, the general public may have a better understanding of such familiar tracks as "Horse Racing", "Er Quan Ying Yue" and "Jiang He Shui". Due to the unique sound of Erhu, many people think that the songs played by Erhu are sad. However, Erhu still has many beautiful songs, such as "Gusu Chunxiao", "Hongmei Capriccio", "Guangming Xing" and so on, which are all excellent works created by contemporary masters with all their efforts and express various emotions.


Erhu is one of the forms of expression of China's excellent traditional culture. The traditional culture has experienced the test and refinement of the years, leaving behind a lot of essence, shining with the brilliant light of national wisdom and the spirit of famous ethnic groups. We should continue to carry forward the traditional culture and present its best side to the world.


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