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How to Determine the Quality of Syrup



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It is of great significance to determine the sugar content of syrup from the point of view of screening binder. The sugar mentioned here refers to sucrose (C12H22O11), because the content of sucrose in syrup will directly affect the bonding ability of syrup.


There are generally two methods for determining sucrose content, one is optical method and the other is chemical method. These two methods are very complicated and have certain difficulties in practical application. Therefore, the quality of syrup is generally determined by the method of configuring process samples according to their strength, which is not only convenient to operate, but also of more practical significance.


The composition of the preparation process sample is as follows: 94 parts of K50/100 sand, 6 parts of clay (through No.40 sieve), 2 parts of syrup (specific gravity 1.3) and 4 parts of water. In the laboratory, the samples were mixed with a small sand mixer for 10 minutes, and the samples were baked at 160-180. D egree. C. for 1 hour. Considering the fermentation deterioration of syrup during preservation, formaldehyde water can be added as preservative to avoid it.


Regarding the solubility of syrup in water, 20 grams of syrup can be weighed, dissolved in hot water, boiled, filtered in constant weight filter paper, washed until there is no syrup color, dried, weighed to constant weight, and then the solubility in water can be obtained from the following formula:  Solubility in water (%) = (1-weight of intolerant/weight of raw material) x 100.

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