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Application of High Pressure Grinding Roll in Mineral Processing Engineering


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1. Working principle
High Pressure Grinding Roll through pure pressure exertion method, in the working process, the use of high-pressure space bound to make a large number of material particles quickly gathered, thus making the material between the occurrence of mutual friction and extrusion effect.  At the same time, with the increase of pressure, the gap between the materials will gradually reduce, when reaching a certain value, the material can be completely crushed.  In the static crushing work, high pressure roller mill using different roller phase movement, the material is fully collision and extrusion.

2. Structural characteristics
The main components of the high pressure roller mill include the frame (longitudinal beam and cross beam) and high-pressure rods (fixed and adjustable rollers), as well as the pressure device and transmission device. The surface of the high-pressure roller mill is covered with wear-resistant plates, and the hydraulic cylinders enable the roll grooves to move back and forth along the guide grooves, thus forming solid cake-like blocks of material under a certain high-pressure environment. 

3. Application of high-pressure roller mill in mineral processing engineering
In terms of the working principle, structural characteristics and practical application of the high-pressure roller mill, its main features include fast processing efficiency, relatively high stability, low crushing cost, long service life, high technical content and good operability.  Therefore, this equipment is widely used in mineral processing engineering.  High-pressure roller mill is mainly used in mineral processing engineering for fine or ultra-fine crushing of ores, processing of iron ore concentrates and perfecting the self-grinding process.  Special attention should be paid to the fact that the high pressure roller mill is not very suitable for processing materials with high moisture content, large amount of mud and strong viscosity.  Although this equipment is easily affected by external factors, with the rapid development of modern information technology, its application effect will be more and more significant, and the number of practical applications will also increase over time.

3.1 Diamond ore
High-pressure roller mill plays a vital role in the diamond ore dissociation crushing process. According to the relevant data analysis, high pressure roller mill crushing method helps to save resources, reduce capital cost investment, and through this way to obtain the crushed material quality and value are higher. In the production process of mineral processing, high pressure roller mill has a greater advantage than diamond, and will not cause damage to the quality of diamond. High-pressure roller mills work by means of fixed-speed electromechanics, and the mineral processing speed is more stable. Through continuous upgrading and innovation, high-pressure roller mill can better promote the mineral processing work. The upgraded and innovative high-pressure roller mill has higher driving power and higher roller surface smoothness. According to the requirements of processing technology, the equipment should be replaced after working for a period of time to improve the working efficiency and quality of the equipment. At the same time, the roller surface should also be effectively smoothed to avoid roller surface wear. Once the high-pressure roller mill has problems in the working process, it will adversely affect the mineral processing, reduce the working efficiency, and lead to the waste of funds and resources. Therefore, combined with the development of the current situation of mineral processing, scientific improvement and upgrading of high-pressure roller mill, comprehensively enhance the operational efficiency of the equipment is necessary. Fully utilizing the high-pressure roller mill can comprehensively reduce the probability of problems that may occur in the diamond crushing process and ensure the smooth operation of the production system.

3.2 Iron ore
The application of high-pressure roller mill in iron ore processing engineering is mainly to deal with and crush ore materials. The emergence and widespread popularization of high-pressure roller mill makes the traditional equipment gradually eliminated. 1994, a Swedish company introduced the high-pressure roller mill, which solves the problems in mineral processing, significantly improves the material balling performance, and at the same time is conducive to saving the corresponding funds and resources, and achieves the best processing results. Influenced by a variety of technologies, the high-pressure roller mill has gradually matured and advanced, and the roller diameter, roller width and processing are far more than other equipment. Under the background of globalized economy, the application of high-pressure roller mill in China has been significantly enhanced. By actively applying the high-pressure roller mill, the efficiency of iron ore concentrate processing can be improved, the surface area can be efficiently processed, and the accuracy in ore processing can be ensured. The high-pressure roller mill has high value and advantages.


3.3 Precious metals
In the processing of precious metals, the high-pressure roller mill has relatively high requirements for crushing quality. Taking the gold mining enterprise as an example, it is necessary to use the high-pressure roller mill for crushing, but in this case there may be more cracks, which can not guarantee the quality of gold. Therefore, when using the high-pressure roller mill, it is necessary to effectively control the application of equipment technology, so as to improve the efficiency of the processing engineering, and to ensure that the crushing quality of the metal ore is developed in a high quality.

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