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Horizontal mixer maintenance


Horizontal mixer

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Horizontal mixers have the advantages of fine manufacturing, smooth operation, low noise, large load-bearing capacity, strong impact resistance, and long service life. However, faults may also occur during use. The main fault forms include machine tripping and abnormal operation noise. , triangular belt rupture, etc. There are many reasons for these failures. The causes and solutions of the failures are statistically analyzed.


No. Fault Cause Measures
1 Mixer boring, tripping 1. Main motor does not work
2. Drive belt is too loose
3. The gap between the blades and the casing in the machine is too small
4. Mixture overload
5. Misoperation
6. The keys on the reducer and mixing shaft are damaged
7. Bearing damage
8. The blades inside the machine hit the casing
9. There is foreign matter inside the machine
1. If the main motor is not damaged, check whether there is any problem with the control circuit.
2. Readjust belt tension
3. Clean up related debris inside the machine
4. Check the entire weighing system
5. It is an operator problem and can be dealt with immediately.
6. Check and replace
7. Replace bearings
8. Check whether there is any hard lump of coal powder in the machine, if so, remove it
9. Remove foreign matter
2 Mixer noise 1. Bearing abnormal noise
2. Blades deformed or damaged
3. Abnormal noise from motor
1. Check whether there is lubricating oil or whether the bearing is damaged. Add lubricating oil or replace the bearing accordingly.
2. Replace blades
3. Check whether the motor protective cover is loose, if so, tighten it; if there is any problem with the bearing, replace it if so.
3 Triangle belt break 1. Abnormal noise from the key connecting the reducer and stirring shaft
2. Large overload
3. Worn pulleys running away from the shaft
1. If the key fit is too loose, replace it; adjust the concentricity
2. Check whether there is material blockage in the mixer and clean it in time
3. Check whether there is wear between the pulley and the shaft, and replace it if there is any problem

1. Check the tightness of the bolts of major components
Check whether the fastening bolts of all blades and bearing seats of the horizontal mixer are loose every week. After 2000 hours of operation, the tightness of the connecting bolts of the pulley and coupling must be checked. The standard for bolt tightness is 70 N·m for pulleys and couplings, and 200 N·m for bearing seats.

2. Check the wear degree of parts inside the casing
The horizontal mixer has two mixing spirals, each with 64 fan blades. The fan blades rotate during the spiral rotation to stir the materials and transport them to the next process.

The mixing spiral operates frequently, so the fan blades should be inspected at least once a week: when the blade wear reaches 50%, it should be replaced in time; when the thickness of the internal lining of the body exceeds 1 mm, it should also be replaced in time.

3. Check and adjust belt tension
When checking the belt tension of the mixer, first remove the belt protective cover and check in detail whether all the belts of the pulley are intact and whether they are aging. When applying a longitudinal pressure of 100 N to the belt, observe whether the deformation of the belt in this direction is greater than 20 mm. If the deformation exceeds 20 mm, the belt should be replaced immediately. Otherwise, the wear and aging should be checked regularly to prevent the equipment from running broken during the process.

The specific steps for replacing the belt are as follows: ①Open the pulley protective cover; ②Adjust the adjusting bolt on the motor base to completely loosen the V-shaped belt, take away the V-shaped belt and replace it with a new V-shaped belt; ③Twist both sides of the motor simultaneously Adjust the bolts to tighten the V-shaped belt; ④ When 100 N is applied to the belt, the deformation of the belt in this direction is f ≤ 20 mm; ⑤ Install the pulley protective cover.

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