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Good news: Our company has been recognized as a "SRDI" enterprise


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SRDI Enterprise
"S" —— Specialized. It refers to a product that is highly specific, has obvious professional characteristics, and has strong market expertise that is manufactured through specialized production using special technology or processes. Its main features are the specialization of product use, the professionalism of the production process, the exclusivity of technology, and Products that have professional development advantages in market segments.
"R" —— Refinement. It refers to the use of advanced applicable technologies or processes, in accordance with the concept of excellence, the establishment of sophisticated and efficient management systems and processes, and the careful design and production of sophisticated products through refined management. Its main features are the sophistication of the product, the sophistication of the technology and the enterprise Delicate management.
"D" —— Differential. It refers to products developed and produced using unique processes, technologies, formulas or special raw materials, with regional characteristics or special functions. The main feature is the specialization of products or services.
"I" —— Innovation. It refers to high-tech products with independent intellectual property rights developed and produced by relying on independent innovation, transformation of scientific and technological achievements, joint innovation or introduction, digestion, absorption and re-innovation. Its main characteristics are the innovativeness and advanced nature of the product (technology) and its high technological content, high added value and significant economic and social benefits.


The manufacturing base of Luoyang Kaizheng Environmental Protection Processing Equipment Co., Ltd is located in Luoxin Industrial Zone, Luoyang, China, and covers an area of 13,500 square meters. Our company is located in Luoyang National University Science Park, Kaizheng is a high-tech enterprise integrating product development, manufacturing and active commerce. Our company has been recognized as "Henan Province Technology-oriented Small and Medium Enterprise" "Advanced Enterprise in Scientific and Technological Innovation" "Credit Demonstration Unit" "Municipal Enterprise R&D Center" "High-tech Enterprise" "Provincial SRDI Enterprise" etc.


We have been focusing on the development of integrated solutions for raw material preparation, batching, solid waste, residual material and recycled material processing. Our goal is to help clients process all kinds of materials more effectively and produce value from them. Innovative powerful mixers, high-pressure briquetting, roller presses and other equipment have a key role in various technologies of industrial powder material processing. High-viscosity processing equipment has a unique role in solvent recovery, evaporation and other industries. Granulating equipment is also critical in the comprehensive utilization of various solid wastes and other technologies. Developed patented equipment for high-speed mixing and granulation equipment, which has unique applications in the fly ash granulation industry. Based on the technology of high-pressure and high-temperature briquetting equipment, we have formed a framework cooperation agreement on composite iron coke with Northeastern University, HBISGroup Steel Research and RDTE.  In recent years the business has been expanded to foreign countries, and the products are exported to Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Russia and other countries.


While clinging to the "integrity-based and technical leadership" business philosophy, the company values commitment and believes in righteousness. By fully absorbing global advanced technologies and stressing independent technological innovation to form the core competitiveness of products, our company is now capable of researching, developing and producing high-end equipment, thus making the products more competitive and more suitable for domestic and foreign buyers.

(This definition of "SRDI" is published under the GNU Free Documentation License. The material used is from the MBA Think Tank Encyclopedia entry "专精特新企业".)

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