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Horizontal Mixer


Horizontal Mixer

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Horizontal mixer is widely used, it can mix powder and powder, also can mix powder and liquid, it has the advantages of high mixing rate, good mixing quality, short discharging time and less residue.


Applicable materials: widely used in putty paste, real stone paint, dry powder, medicine, food, chemicals, feed, ceramics, refractory materials, such as solid-solid (i.e., powder and powder), solid-slurry (i.e., powder and slurry liquid) mixing.

Mixing principle: through the mixing tools arranged in the middle of the equipment and the rake teeth in different directions on the mixing tools, according to the convection form, the material will be strongly thrown, shear, hit the spread, exchange, etc., so that the material in the barrel of the mixing machine for full mixing, and to the mixing machine to move to the end of the discharging material.


Equipment structure: by the frame, barrel, mixing tools, rake teeth, composite rubber lining, transmission system and control system, which, in turn, transmission system by the hydraulic coupler, triangular belt, torque sensors, explosion-proof motors, hydraulic motors and other components.


Mixer bottom discharge mode: powder material adopts pneumatic big open door structure form, which has the advantages of fast discharging and no residue;  High fineness material or semi-fluid material adopts manual butterfly valve or pneumatic butterfly valve, manual butterfly valve is economical, pneumatic butterfly valve has good sealing for semi-fluid, but the cost is higher than manual butterfly valve. In need of heating or cooling occasions, can be equipped with jacket.


Heating mode: electric heating and thermal oil heating. Electric heating is convenient, but the heating speed is slow and the energy consumption is high; thermal oil heating needs to be equipped with oil pots and oil-conducting power and pipelines, and the investment is large, but the heating speed is fast and the energy consumption is low.


Cooling mode: can be directly injected into the jacket cooling water, jacket heat transfer area is large, cooling speed.

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