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Continuous Mixer


Continuous Mixer

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The continuous mixer is continuous from the entry, mixing, homogenization and discharging of materials without interruption. The products can be mixed with high quality in a short residence time. It is a fast and high-productivity mixer, and it is also a part of a continuous production line. Our company fully draws on similar foreign product technologies and conducts research. The self-developed continuous mixer can be operated flexibly according to the mixing materials and process design points. It can meet the requirements for high-quality mixing and continuous production of materials.

1. Applicable materials: washing powder, food, oil coating carbon black, spice coating talcum powder, refractory materials, flammable and explosive materials, grinding materials, carbon, fertilizers, medicines, condiments, salt, wood powder and clay , chemical products, etc.

2. Three series: dry mix type, semi-dry mix type (adding a small amount of high viscosity liquid or solid adhesive), and wet mix type.

3. Structure: It consists of main mixing device, auxiliary mixing device, cleaning spiral, material cleaning device, cylinder, cylinder transmission device, bottom frame, front and rear intermediate covers, etc.

4. Mixing principle: reverse strong convection mixing, mixing in both radial and axial directions

5. Advantage:

• Mixes well. We have set up a certain number of reverse blades in the axial direction according to certain rules, so that the materials can form convection; the materials are fully mixed in the machine by tumbling, convection, and throwing.
• The speed is adjustable. If equipped with a variable frequency speed regulating device, the working speed of the mixer can be adjusted, and the residence time and production efficiency of the product can be adjusted.
• The paddle angle is adjustable. Customer requirements can be achieved by adjusting the blade angle according to material characteristics and mixing uniformity requirements.
• Easy to operate and maintain. The machine barrel has two access doors. After the machine is shut down, the operator can easily adjust the angle of each blade outside the machine.
• No dead ends. The paddle arrangement enables the materials in the machine to be mixed evenly and there is little residue in the machine.
• The operation mode is adjustable. Mainly for continuous operation, it can also be adjusted for intermittent operation.

6. Trial points:

• Install the device correctly according to the installation instructions, and try it out after completing the installation.
• First, turn the rotor to check whether it works flexibly, whether the motor shaft is running normally, and make sure there is no abnormal noise or abnormality.
• After a few turns, put the material in. The material should be fed evenly to avoid hard objects such as metal and stones entering the mixer.
• If there is any abnormal sound after feeding, stop the mixer to check and troubleshoot.
• Before stopping work, stop feeding materials first, and then stop the machine after the materials in the mixer are completely removed.

7. Inspection and maintenance procedures:

• When using the equipment, you must fully understand its performance and strictly follow the correct step-by-step instructions.
• After each work, clean the surrounding working environment.
• Clean it every month and add engine oil in time.
• Check each wiring connector monthly to see if it is loose and tighten it.
• When maintaining and overhauling mixer equipment, you must wait until the equipment is safely stopped before proceeding.
• Remember that inspection, maintenance and repair of these equipment must be carried out by professionals.

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