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Wear of Roller Sleeve


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The roller sleeve is the core component of the briquetting machine and is of great significance to whether the material is ideally formed. However, the roller sleeve is a component that is prone to wear and tear, so the roller sleeve should be replaced in time after wear.


In two cases, the roller sleeve is easy to wear:
1. Use the ball press machine in relatively harsh working environments
2. Squeeze some high-hardness materials

The consequences of roller sleeve wear: failed products appear, and the products produced cannot meet the predetermined conditions, resulting in a waste of raw materials.

3 ways to judge the condition of roller sleeve:

1. Professional testing equipment. Use professional instruments to conduct regular inspections of the briquetting machine.
2. Judgment by professional and technical personnel. Experienced ball press technicians observe the wear and tear and listen to the running sound of the bearings inside the equipment. Normal bearing running sounds are uniform, smooth, and not harsh; abnormal bearing running sounds are impactful, harsh, irregular, or Intermittent sounds. Technicians will comprehensively consider whether the roller sleeve needs to be replaced based on the observed conditions, operating sound, and the length of use of the equipment and the working environment.
3. Observe the balling effect of the briquetting machine. After excluding other factors that affect molding, it is found that the pellets have a large number of burrs and insufficient strength. You can consider whether to replace the roller sleeve.

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