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Self Tensioning Motor Base


motor base

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The belt of the motor base is too tight leading to bearing failure, and too loose leading to transmission loss. In this case, regular maintenance is required, and maintenance personnel needs to stop for several hours to readjust, reducing the efficiency of the transmission system and affecting production.

The self-tensioning motor base can avoid these problems perfectly. The design ensures that the belt maintains proper tension throughout the life cycle of the belt, avoiding excessive stretching of the belt and preventing belt relaxation. There is no need to periodically relax or tighten the belt, which guarantees the extension of the belt life and improves the efficiency of the entire transmission system. The self-tensioning motor base reduces downtime, belts are easily installed and removed, and no special training is required to operate the self-tensioning motor base.

   1. Improve drive efficiency and eliminate downtime
   2. Installate easily or fastly
   3. Reduces belt peak loads and extends belt life
   4. Extended service life of drive components
   5. Save on energy costs
   6. Efficient shock absorption, greatly reduce noise

Applied to:
Slurry Pumps, Sump Pumps & Other Pumps
Vibrating Screeners
Belt Conveyors
Briquetting machines

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