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Electric Heating Dryer

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Electric Heating Dryer


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The HGW net belt dryer is mainly used for drying ball briquettes, but also for drying lumpy materials, such as cold solid pellets, coal briquette, coke and so on.

The net belt dryer is a drying equipment based on the principle of two-way or one-way conveying. The ball briquette with certain moisture is feeded into the upper grid plate of the dryer through the hopper. The feeding hopper functions as buffering and feeding. The material is convyed smoothly through the grid plate to the head of the dryer, and then flows into the lower layer by the plate-turning mechanism, and then returns to the tail of the dryer.



The heat source can be electric or hot air (oil, coal, gas).

The crushing rate of briquette can be reduced remarkably.

Equipped with automatic tensioning device, the chain plate (net belt) runs smoothly and can be flipped freely, thus avoiding chain dropping, chain clamping and deviation.

The screen plate is made of heat-resistant steel, which has a high strength and a good air permeability.

The chain plate is driven by a speed-regulating motor, which can adjust the running speed and control the drying time according to the needs.

The numerical display of temperature in the kiln makes it easy to master and control the inside temperature.

Kiln head, kiln and kiln tail are equipped with three thermocouples, flue inlet is equipped with smoke gate, once there is a mechanical failure, the gate will shut down immediately to cut off the heat source.

Note: The machine belongs to non-standard equipment, which needs to be specially designed according to specific working conditions.


Hot blast furnace:

Hot blast furnace is a thermal power machine, which has been widely used in China. It has become a substitute for electric heat source and traditional steam power source in many industries. There are many kinds of hot air furnace and the series are complete.



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