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Vanadium Titanium Iron Concentrate Briquettes


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 Vanadium Titanium Iron Concentrate Briquettes

  The main elements of vanadium-titanium magnetite in Panxi area of China are iron, vanadium and titanium, and also contain rare elements such as cobalt, nickel and chromium. Ore has the characteristics of low iron and high titanium, multi-symbiosis and complex structure. Its resources are extremely rich. Its total reserves account for 1/4 of the world's total reserves of vanadium-titanium magnetite and 95% of the country's reserves. Among them, titanium and vanadium account for 35.17% and 7.3% of the world's total reserves respectively. Its comprehensive utilization value is very great. The phase composition of vanadium-titanium magnetite is titanomagnetite, ilmenite, cobalt-nickel sulfide and gangue, which is very complex, resulting in easy mining, difficult separation and difficult smelting. 

  Three kinds of vanadium-titanium iron concentrate, ilmenite concentrate and cobalt sulfide concentrate can be obtained by beneficiation. The recoveries of iron, vanadium and titanium are 70%, 47% and 15-20% respectively. Vanadium-titanium iron concentrate has low TFe grade and high impurity content, which is very critical to the comprehensive utilization of vanadium-titanium iron concentrate. 

Preparation of Acid Oxidized Briquettes 
  The preparation of acid oxidized briquettes mainly needs pelletizing, oxidation roasting and other processes. In industrial production, there are three main processes for preparing acid oxidized pellets: shaft furnace, belt roaster and rotary kiln pelletizing. 

  Shaft furnace is suitable for medium and small blast furnaces because of its low investment cost, high energy consumption and low production efficiency. Belt roasting machine is limited by fuel, which is suitable for regional production, and its product quality is average, and it is often used in medium-sized blast furnaces. Rotary kiln ball process has the characteristics of low energy consumption, strong adaptability of raw materials, wide range of adaptability, large production capacity, excellent product quality and environmental friendliness. After comprehensive consideration, it will be the mainstream of briquettepreparation technology in the future and needs to be vigorously developed. In the process of oxidation roasting in rotary kiln, with the increase of temperature, small particles are easy to form soft melt, the liquid phase of briquettes increases, and a large amount of powder is easy to adsorb on the liquid phase and large particles to form rings, which will seriously affect the quality and output of briquettes, thus increasing the operation burden of equipment. The key to solve the ring formation problem lies in optimizing preheating, roasting system, reasonable batching and other links. Only by solving the problems of easy ring formation can the blast furnace be better served. 

  Different raw material ratios have great influence on the subsequent preparation process parameters of acid oxidized briquettes, and several key problems need to be solved in preparing acid oxidized briquettes from vanadium-titanium iron concentrate. First, save energy and reduce consumption. Under the condition of ensuring that the briquettes meet the requirements of entering the blast furnace, the oxidation roasting process of the pellets is considered from various angles, such as batching and temperature curve, etc. Second, try to choose economical additives and binders, so as to maximize the grade of TFe. Thirdly, in the preparation process of acid oxidized briquettes, not only the pellet properties should be considered, but also its economic feasibility and environmental protection should be comprehensively measured. 

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