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Cold Briquette Machine



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The hydraulic protection device of the cold briquette roller press is that the hydraulic pump pumps high-pressure oil into the hydraulic cylinder to make the piston move axially. The front joint head of the piston rod of the carbon powder ball press meets the production pressure requirements on the bearing seat. When too much material is fed between the two pressure rollers or metal blocks enter, the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder of the carbon powder briquette press is under too much pressure, the hydraulic pump will stop, and the accumulator will buffer the pressure change.


The relief valve opens to return oil, and the displacement of the piston rod enlarges the gap between the pressure rollers so that materials pass through the pressure rollers, and the system returns to normal, which can help the household pressure rollers not to be damaged. The carbon powder briquette press can adjust the pressure according to the requirements of ball press confidentiality, and the production of the carbon powder ball press is flexible. The motor directly drives several open gears, which are used in small-scale tests or low-output, and now they have been phased out in the internal market. 

The hot strength of the cold briquette roller press includes thermal stability, thermal strength, thermal wear resistance, and ash fusibility. The briquette press motor drives the hard tooth surface reducer, The low-speed output of the reducer is parallel with two axes, As that press roll is driven to run relative to each other by the gear couple, The feeding mode of the ball press adopts screw propulsion and exhaust installation, which is suitable for dry powder molding, i.e. sampling, shrinking and sampling of test samples of the carbon powder briquette press.


The cold compressive strength of the carbon powder ball press is not only related to the type of raw coal and binder and the mixing mode but also closely related to the pressure during molding. The cold strength of carbon powder briquette press includes cold pressing strength, crushing strength, wear resistance strength, soaking strength, and soaking redrying strength. The main application of carbon powder ball press is to use it as a cement retarder after drying. Or calcined hemihydrate gypsum, which is used to make gypsum board, gypsum block, and plaster gypsum.

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