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Development Technical Indexes of Powder Mixing



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The size and particle size distribution of powder particles have a great influence on product quality. In traditional building materials, the thickness and shape of cement particles have a great influence on cement properties. Relevant research shows that when the cement particle size is 3-30μm, the hydration speed and strength are relatively normal, but when the particle size is greater than 60-90μm, the hydration speed is slow, the early strength is unreasonable, and even some particles have not hydrated until the slurry hardens. 

As a matter of fact, powder products not only affect the development of the cement industry but also more and more people have found in my industrial development research in recent years that powder technology is very critical in the deep processing and application of nonmetallic minerals. The development of modern new materials and the research and development of nonmetallic minerals' green environmental protection products cannot be separated from powder technology and powder products. 
With the enhancement of my awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection, the rapid development of industry and the demand for green environmental protection products, people pay more and more attention to powder science and powder technology. 
However, we have to face the fact that powder processing itself is also an industry with high energy consumption and a large number of environmental pollution problems. The preparation of powder requires a large amount of energy, but the current mechanical, chemical and high-temperature treatment methods have a low energy utilization rate. For example, the ball mill is currently a low-energy and high-consumption mill equipment, and more than 96% of the energy is consumed when grinding materials. This requires the research and improvement of grinding equipment such as flour mills to improve the grinding rate, save energy and reduce production costs. 
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