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How to Solve Viscosity Problem of Briquette Machine 


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In the initial test stage, the cold briquette machine often fails to press the ball, or the strength is not strong enough. After a long test summary, dry powder pelletizing is no longer a problem. At present, many materials can be finally briquetted into balls without adding water. Many materials have to choose dry powder to make balls in order to maintain their various components. In itself, the problem of dry powder pelletizing is that the viscosity between dry powders is not enough, and it is difficult to press them together to form a shape. So how do we need to solve this problem? First of all, we need to increase the viscosity between materials. This viscosity can also be understood as the density between materials. We can use the following methods to increase the viscosity between materials. 
The transmission mode of cold briquette machine has stable rotation of ball pressing roller, long service life of gear, large transmission torque, and the linear pressure on the roller surface is as high as over 100KN. It is generally applied to the pellet production line of dry powder forming in metallurgical and refractory enterprises. Due to insufficient development of this type of machine, there are still very few single machines with large output. When the ball is formed by the general ball press, the water binder adopts lime and clay, and the water content is 18-20% when the ball is formed; When the binder is molded with pulp or humic acid, the moisture content is 10-12%. When the binder is formed with asphalt, the moisture content is 2-4%. Adjustment test of machinery and equipment of static pressure ball press, It is also a process of training and training for operation and maintenance personnel. Because powdery materials are not easy to form, a slight carelessness in the pressing process of the static press ball press may lead to all previous achievements. Since the dry powder ball press equipment started production, it has solved the problem of dry powder forming that has been perplexing manufacturers. However, due to the fact that the materials cannot be added with water, it is more difficult to press.

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