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Metal Oxide Briquette Machine


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When the pulverized coal of the metal oxide briquette machine is pressed, it is confronted by the internal friction of the coal particles, which hinders the movement and approach of the coal particles. That is, under the action of external force, due to the irregular shape and uneven particle size of pulverized coal particles, friction exists on the contact surface and points of particles, bridging between large particles affects the sliding of particles, and the remaining gaps between particles cannot be filled.

The elasticity barrier of coal particles has produced a new concept, that is, under high pressure, the coal particles are in close contact with each other, and then the coal particles twist. As the coal particles have been in close contact and then twist, the surface of the coal particles will undergo appropriate shear deformation. This shear deformation is called shear deformation. In this way, the coal particles can be twisted to produce shear deformation after being compacted. 
For the traditional briquette machine, we all know that the metal oxide briquette machine has two rollers. The material enters the ball mold on the pressing roller. With the rotation of the pressing roller, the pressure on the material increases from small to large. When the line contact point between the material and the two sticks is, the pressure on the material makes it branch into a finished ball. This is the main working principle of the traditional metal oxide ball pressing machine.

After many designs and improvements in our factory, we have changed the metal oxide briquette machine from two rollers to four rollers. The main principle is to add two auxiliary rollers on the basis of not changing the original ones. First, the material is preliminarily briquetted, which can achieve a certain crushing effect. There are many manufacturing methods, such as oxidized briquette manufacturing method, coal gangue civil briquette manufacturing method, combustion additive briquette manufacturing method and so on.

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