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Honeycomb Coal Briquette Machine


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The internal space of the honeycomb coal briquette machine is limited, and the built-in transformer makes strong and weak currents coexist, thus affecting weak current signals. In addition, the built-in transformer will increase the heat dissipation burden, thus increasing the possibility of burning out the built-in circuit. According to different field environments, local 220VAC to 24VAC, or remote transformer and centralized power supply can be selected. In a centralized power supply, the loss of power caused by transmission lines should be fully considered. The honeycomb briquette ball press selects equipment with higher output power and appropriately increases the output voltage to bear the line voltage drop, such as 28VAC output to supply power to the remote ball press. The multimeter can be used to test whether the honeycomb briquette ball press has obtained enough electric drive. And the ball press installation must be waterproof. 
In order to ensure the normal operation of the honeycomb coal briquette machine, the power supply should not be lower than the nominal value of the input voltage of the honeycomb briquette ball press. When the nominal value is 24VAC, the voltage fluctuation should not exceed ± 25%. The common working voltage of the ball press is 24VAC. At present, the honeycomb briquette ball press on the market actually places the transformer in the ball cover and supplies power to the honeycomb briquette ball press after transformation. When wiring, emphasis should be placed on the separation of strong and weak currents to avoid interference of strong currents to weak currents. High pelletizing strength, suitable for all kinds of transportation, reducing packaging cost and further improving the transportation capacity of products. After the formed desulfurized gypsum is put into the mill, it has the purpose of not sticking to the mill and affecting the output of the mill.  


The honeycomb coal briquette machine itself should be well-grounded to prevent static electricity accumulation from affecting the ball press. When installing the honeycomb briquette ball press, the power line, communication line, and video line shall be correctly connected. When connecting, the requirements of the installation instructions shall be carefully referred to confirm the communication mode and corresponding pin definition. It should be installed at the later stage of construction to prevent a large amount of dust from invading the ball machine on the construction site, which will directly affect its service effect and service life. The honeycomb briquette ball press can press desulfurized gypsum with high moisture content into balls, without adding any adhesive, ensuring purity, forming directly, without subsequent drying process, and being more conducive to the connection and transformation of the existing process.

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