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Briquette Machine Selection Criteria of Binder


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Briquette Machine Selection Criteria of Binder

The briquette machine is a machine that presses powdery substances after stirring. In the process of pressing, it not only depends on the ball press itself but also needs an additive with strong viscosity and not easy to break, that is, a binder. 
The following is an introduction to the binder used in the briquette machine. 
Adhesive, as its name implies, is an additive for bonding articles, but there are many kinds of binders. 
The binder in briquette machine shall meet the following conditions: 
1. The raw materials are cheap in price, rich in sources, and convenient for production and processing. 
2. Environmental protection will not pollute the environment. 
3. The viscosity is high and it is not easy to break. 
4. Cold and heat resistance, good waterproof. 
In order to produce a high-quality briquette, we must have high-quality coal and good binder, as well as good production equipment and technology. The ball press is an important part of the production line. The following points should be paid attention to when selecting: 
1. Because the coal type and the size and shape of the ball are different, the required pressure is also different. A ball press with adjustable molding pressure should be selected according to the economic situation. 
2. The service life of the roller skin is the key. Forging materials or alloy materials with longer service life are selected for use. 
3. The produced balls also need to be dried. At present, vertical dryers and flap dryers have a high drying rate. 
High-quality briquette equipment depends on binder formula and superior supporting equipment in production. You can't do it without good binder formula and usage method, good production process, good equipment composition production capacity, and high-quality briquette. In the same situation, if you have good equipment and do not have a good binder formula and usage method, you will still not be able to do so. The two are closely combined and indispensable. 

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