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Application Requirements of Lubricant for Briquette Machine 



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Application Requirements of Lubricant for Briquette Machine 

How to better use the briquette machine, the lubricant has always been a concern of the majority of briquette machine users. Proper use of lubricants plays an important role in protecting machines. Because different lubricants for briquette machine have different requirements, lubricants are different for different products. Today, we mainly know what are the lubricant requirements for the briquette machine? 
The use requirements of lubricant for briquette machine mainly include the following two points: 
1. Gear oil in the open gearbox shall invade the gear by more than 60mm. 
2. The roller shaft bearing shall be opened every three months to replace butter or oil with a butter gun. 
It is necessary for routine maintenance and inspection of briquetting equipment in use. Refer to the instructions delivered by Kaizheng when delivering the products, and pay attention to check whether the installation screw is loose, oil quantity, motor current, bearing heating, V-belt walking, cylinder pressure, etc. The oil pressure of the oil cylinder shall be stopped for inspection. In case of pressure change caused by air temperature change, oil leakage, and other reasons, new oil shall be injected or the specified working pressure change shall be reached during the operation of the oil pressure correction period. In case of oil leakage in the oil pressure system, the machine shall be stopped immediately and the oil leakage shall be repaired before starting. 
Adding lubricant in this way can not only reasonably care for the machine, but also indirectly save the amount of lubricant used.

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