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Factors Affecting the Forming Rate of Briquette Machine 



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Factors Affecting the Forming Rate of Briquette Machine 

  Briquette machine is a kind of ball-making equipment, which can continuously send all kinds of dry and wet powder to the rolling area through the prepressing device and press the dry and wet powder into balls under the pressure of the rolling area. Mainly used in coal, mining, metallurgy, refractory materials, building materials, and other industries. It can be produced into a square, spherical, oval, goose egg, right circle, column, strip, bread, pillow, and other special shapes. 
  Powder forming is the main function of briquette machine, and the forming rate may be low in actual production. 
  First of all, the forming rate of the briquette machine is the basic element. The factors affecting the forming rate of briquette equipment are: 
1. Water content of materials. If the water content is large, it is easy to produce the adhesion between the product and the press roller, which leads to the incomplete shape of the product and affects the ball forming rate; 
2. The number of impurities in the material. Impurities will affect the affinity between particles of materials during compression, resulting in loose products and a poor molding effect. 
Secondly, the mechanical strength of the ball press is the prerequisite. The mechanical strength of the ball press is affected by: 
1. The pressure of the ball press. The influence of the mechanical strength of the ball press is undoubtedly the first. The level of mechanical strength directly affects the advantages of products in the subsequent industrial chain. 
2, the material's own performance. When the material particles are under pressure in the ball pressing machine, they will generate opposing forces with each other, which can be offset by a binder. 
3. Size of material particle size. The particle size distribution of the material should be reasonable, otherwise, the large material particles will overhead the surrounding small particles, resulting in a "virtual ball" situation. The virtual ball is complete in appearance, but in fact, the mechanical strength of the ball pressing is not enough. The mechanical strength of the ball press product will affect the length of the product's shape retention time. Of course, the longer the product is, the better. 
  The service performance of the product: The subsequent use of the product cannot be affected by the treatment of the briquette machine. Take the molding of mineral powder as an example. For example, the molded sphere has insufficient reaction during use, resulting in waste, which affects the use of the product. This requires that the products of the briquette machine should have a reasonable size in terms of overall dimensions. In addition, for some special materials, the use of binders will also affect the performance of products, so binders should also be selectively used according to the properties of materials. 


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