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Operation & Maintenance of Briquette Machine



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Operation & Maintenanceof Briquette Machine

It is necessary for daily maintenance and inspection of briquetting equipment in use. Refer to the instructions of our company when delivering goods, pay attention to check whether the installation screw is loose, oil quantity, motor current, bearing heating, V-belt walking, oil cylinder pressure, etc. The oil pressure of the oil cylinder should be stopped for inspection. If there is pressure change caused by air temperature change, oil leakage, and other reasons, new oil should be injected or the specified working pressure change should be reached during the operation to correct the oil pressure period. If oil leakage is found in the oil pressure system during operation, the machine should be stopped immediately and the oil leakage should be repaired before starting.  
Instructions for installation and maintenance of briquette machine: 
In addition to the provisions on power supply, grounding, ground circuit replacement, heat dissipation, etc., extra attention should be paid to the installation of the briquette machine. Before installing the ball press, the strong current and weak current signal lines should be isolated and connected, and the pipelines should be connected in strict accordance with the electrical specifications to avoid interference. In an outdoor open environment, external lightning protection measures should be taken. The briquetting machine itself should also be well-grounded to prevent static electricity accumulation from affecting the briquetting machine. Connect the power line, communication line, and video line correctly when installing, and carefully refer to the requirements of installation instructions when connecting, so as to confirm the correct installation. In general, the equipment should be installed at the later stage of construction to avoid a large amount of dust on the construction site invading the briquette machine, which will directly affect its use effect and life.  
Methods of regular maintenance of briquette machine: 
1. Sweep down the dust accumulated on the briquette machine, pay attention to dust removal during disassembly, and prohibit dust from invading the moving part during disassembly inspection. 
2. Open the internal cleaning inspection, check the wear of bearings, spirals, triangular liners, nozzles, and other parts, and replace bearing grease. 
3. Remove the bearing cover of the roller shaft and check the wear of the bearing. 
4. Remove the inspection cover of the reducer to check the wear and tooth state of the gear. 
5. Check the foundation bolts to see if they are loosened and tightened. 
Use and inspection of lubricants for briquetting equipment; 
1. The gear oil in the open gearbox should invade the gear more than 60 mm. 
2. Roller bearings are opened once every three months to change the bearing butter or put on the butter gun to refuel. 
No matter how careful the operation is at ordinary times, it is necessary to stop the machine regularly to check the parts that cannot be found in operation or disassemble some parts for inspection. If possible, check once every three months or half a year, so that the inspection, operation, and inspection can better grasp the situation of various parts of the briquette machine. 


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