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Common Troubleshooting of High-Pressure Briquette Machine



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Common Troubleshooting of High-Pressure Briquette Machine

In addition to the high-pressure briquette machine itself fault, installation and debugging of the fault encountered by external equipment are mostly caused. 
Fault 1: The briquette machine is restarted repeatedly 
A repeated restart of a high-voltage briquette machine is usually caused by the low power supply, which is not enough to drive the briquette machine to work normally. First of all, the multimeter is used to detect the power supply voltage of the ball press, which must be measured when the load (briquette machine) is turned on, so as to judge whether there is a power supply problem. It should be noted that the power consumed by the outdoor high-pressure briquette machine is far different when the heater is turned on and  off, so the power of the briquette mahcine should be considered when supplying power to ensure that the power supply equipment is enough to drive the normal work of the briquette machine. 
Fault 2: Video scrolling 
The video image of the high-pressure briquette machine scrolls continuously on the monitor, which is mostly caused by the problem of video synchronization. Most 24VAC briquette machine automatically synchronize according to the phase-in AC power supply. You can call up the menu of briquette machine and select the phase automatic synchronization function. If automatic synchronization fails due to the power supply phase, you can manually set the phase value in the briquette machine menu to solve the synchronization problem. 

Fault 3: Control garbled code 
When the high-pressure briquette machine has irregular rotation, check whether the center equipment has misoperation, and then check whether the briquette machine menu has started the random scanning mode. If the above steps are normal, most of them are caused by the uninterrupted transmission of garbled information due to interference of data communication lines. The interference mainly comes from electromagnetic interference on the transmission path, and there may be a deviation between optomechanical and photoelectric reduction. 


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