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How to Improve the Ball Forming Rate of Briquette Machine



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How to Improve the Ball Forming Rate of Briquette Machine

The quality of the briquetting is a key factor for the ball forming rate. When it comes to the ball rate of the briquetting, many clients are undoubtedly very concerned. In the production of briquette machine, the speed of briquetting too fast or too slow can not meet the briquetimg requirements, which directly affects the ball rate of briquetting machine, so how should we solve this problem? 

First of all, check whether there is a gap between the two rollers of the briquetting machine. If there is a gap between the two rollers, that is to say, the raw materials cannot be pressed directly out of the rollers so that the ball forming rate is almost zero. Then there is whether the ball socket of your roller is butted well, and the two ball sockets must be aligned. If they are misaligned, the briquettes that press out will not be elliptical, but two and a half elliptical misplaced products, which directly affects the strength of the finished product. 
If this kind of situation appears, it proves that the manufacturer of the briquette machine gives you defective products. You can contact the manufacturer as after-sales service to solve it, which is also the situation that any company is unwilling to appear! 
In the second case, your motor must reach the required speed. 
Thirdly, you have to get your technician to adjust the bearings of the two rollers and adjust the distance between the two bearings to almost zero. But don't affect the normal operation of the rollers. If the two rollers are too close to each other, the rollers can't rotate, so the machine can't operate normally, which will not only reduce the service life of the rollers, but also affect the normal production. Or adjust the roller bearings, but not the distance between the roller bearings, when the two roller bearings rotate, the balls and sockets of the two rollers must be aligned. Otherwise, the briquettes will be easily break or fail.

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