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How to Judge the Overall Performance of Briquetting Machine 



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How to Judge the Overall Performance of Briquetting Machine 

The quality of the briquetting machine determines the formation rate and strength of the briquettes pressed by the machine, which is also the focus of the vast number of users. There are three standards to judge the overall performance of the briquette machine, which are: briquetting pressure, briquette strength, and briquette hardness. 

1. We can use the pressure gauge of the door to measure the briquette pressure. 
2. The withstand voltage tester is an instrument for measuring the compressive strength of briquettes, which can make us intuitively and accurately judge the electrical safety performance of briquettes, so as to judge whether it meets our requirements. 
3. For the investigation of briquette hardness, we can free falling the finished product at a height of two or three meters, so that we can directly observe the result. According to the above situation, we can judge whether this equipment can meet your production requirements.
Luoyang Kaizheng Company is based on three different but interrelated process equipment technologies. Our extensive experience, and theoretical knowledge ensure that our clients benefit from the quality of supply and service provided by formation-hot and cold briquetting, which is primarily used in metallurgy and coke industries. While compaction is primarily used in fertilizer industries and crushing in cement building materials industries. 


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