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How the Briquette Machine Create Greater Value 



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How the Briquette Machine Create Greater Value 

When buying briquetting equipment, we should not only consider the quality of briquette machine itself, but also consider the cost during the production process, such as labor cost, site cost, electricity cost, adhesive use and other expenses. The electricity charges weigh the most, because the equipment is driven by the motor. Therefore, customers pay great attention to the parameters such as motor model and power consumption. By adopting some necessary technical energy-saving measures for the motor of the ore powder briquetting machine, it is beneficial to the stable operation of the power grid. To improve the energy saving rate of the machine itself, such as changing the cooling fan into a controllable one, and stopping the control of the cooling fan when the load is small or the outdoor motor is in cold season, it is beneficial to reduce the energy consumption. In order to save electric energy, the newly purchased ore powder briquette should first consider the selection of high energy-saving motors, and then consider other performance as needed. Changing stator winding into star-triangle hybrid series winding and changing star-triangle connection according to load weight is beneficial to improve magnetomotive force waveform generated by winding and reduce working current of winding, so as to achieve the purpose of high energy saving. 
Other continuous speed regulation operation modes,such as using voltage regulator, variable frequency motor, electromagnetic coupling governor, variable frequency speed regulation device, etc. Mismatched motors not only waste electricity, but also can easily cause equipment damage. Reasonable adjustment of the matching use of the motor for the ore powder briquetting machine can make the motor run in a high-efficiency working area and achieve the purpose of energy saving. 
Ore powder briquette machine is a common equipment in mine production line, and it is mainly used to press some dry powder materials into briquettes. Kaizheng Company has been developing for many years, and the production technology of ore powder briquetting machine has been well developed. And based on that, we have to think for every our clients, and to let them use it with confidence. Let's share and talk about the basic precautions: 

First, after purchase, check whether there are few accessories according to the description on the accessories list, so as to avoid unnecessary troubles in the process of equipment installation. 

Second, after the installation is completed, check whether every fastener is fastened to prevent problems when the equipment is turned on. 

Third, after the installation is completed, the machine should be run empty for 12 hours, and then put into use to ensure the safety of startup. 
Although these knowledge seems simple, but they need to be carefully done in the use of ore powder briquette machine. 


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