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Application Field of High-pressure Briquette Machine 



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Application Field of High-pressure Briquette Machine 

The high-pressure briquette machine produced by Luoyang Kaizheng is mainly used for quickly making briquettes of nonferrous and ferrous metal ore powder, it can be directly used in the furnace for smelting. All waste materials or auxiliary materials in the metallurgical industry using in the furnace, which needs to be completed by a briquetting machine. For example dust removal ash, pool mud, oxide scale, steel slag, iron concentrate powder, aluminum ash powder, silicon manganese ore powder, and so on. Various powders (such as magnesia, bauxite, dolomite, iron powder, etc.) can be made into spherical billets with high density by forced pressurization and preloading spiral precision processing, which are widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, coal, and refractory industries. 










Performance point 
A high-pressure briquette machine is mainly used for treating powder materials which are difficult to form. The key points of the high-pressure briquette machine are high forming pressure and the adjustable revolution of the main engine. It is equipped with a screw feeding device. The briquette machine produced by our company is powered by an electromagnetic speed regulating motor, which is transmitted to the driving shaft through the pulley, cylindrical gear reducer, and rod pin coupling. The driving shaft and passive shaft of the high-pressure ball press run synchronously through open gears. The shape of pellets produced by a high-pressure briquette machine with a hydraulic device that behind a passive bearing seat determines whether the combustion of materials is sufficient or whether the air permeability in smelting is reasonable, so it acts as an important factor in the whole process. 
In the practical use of high-pressure briquette machine, the more irregular the shape of pellets, like lump coal, the better of its combustion permeability and the fuller of its combustion. If the briquette shape belongs to a multi-edge polygon, according to the technical theory, it has many contact surfaces and warped angles, which is easy to form a framework and has good naturalness in combustion and smelting. However, it is difficult to process molds, and many enterprises cannot control this processing technology, so the market is mostly round. Luoyang Kaizheng is tackling key problems in science and technology, and developing and producing alloy rolls. The process adopts precision casting and secondary forming, and the materials are nickel, chromium, manganese, molybdenum, titanium, and other alloy materials, which have remarkable points such as high strength, good toughness, and good wear resistance. Solve the problem that the roll is not wear-resistant, and the alloy wear-resistant square multi-ribbed ball roll is assembled from small to large, which makes the products produced by users more convenient for application. 
Working principle 
The screw feeding device is driven by an electromagnetic speed regulating motor and rotated by a pulley and worm reducer, which forcibly presses the pressed material into the main feeding inlet. Because of the constant torque of the electromagnetic speed regulating motor, when the pressing amount of the screw feeder is equal to the material amount required by the main engine, the pellet quality can be stabilized by keeping a constant feeding pressure. If the feeding amount is too large, the electricity of the feeding device will be overloaded. If the feed quantity is too small, it will not be spherical. Therefore, skilled operation is an important pre-condition to ensure briquetting work normally.

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