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Selection of Briquette Machine Roller Material



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Selection of Briquette Machine Roller Material


Regarding the briquetting equipment, roller skin is one of the key parts and it plays an important role in the equipment performance. The quality of the roller skin determines the service time of the briquette machine, and the roller skin is also a vulnerable part of the briquette machine. Therefore, it is important to carefully check the roller skin of the briquette machine, which can not only ensure the quality of the briquetting equipment but also reduce the equipment cost and improve the economic benefits. 


The roller skin of the briquette machine is made of 65 manganese, 9 chromium, and 2 molybdenum, high chromium alloy, and so on. When briquetting different materials, different roller skins of the briquette machine should be selected. For example, the roller skin made of 65 manganese is popular, which belongs to steel castings, and it has a low cost. Generally, it is used in briquette machine with small output, such as pulverized coal briquette machine, which can press pulverized coal, coke powder, charcoal powder, and other materials. 9 chromium 2 molybdenum, high chromium alloy briquette machine roller belong to forging parts, mainly used in medium and large-scale briquette machine with high output, which can press ore powder, iron concentrate powder, magnesium oxide powder, laterite nickel ore, etc. 


65 manganese is common spring steel, which has high hardenability, less decarburization tendency than silicon steel, better comprehensive mechanical properties than carbon steel after heat treatment, but it has to overheat sensitivity and tempering brittleness. Bearing steel has high hardness, uniform hardness, high elastic limit, high contact fatigue strength, toughness, hardenability, and corrosion resistance in lubricants. From the above material analysis, it is not difficult to see that bearing steel as roll skin material will be more economical and durable than 65Mn, and its service life will be longer. It is the choice of roll skin material for fluorite powder briquette machine and other equipment. 


Roller skin is an essential and important component in briquetting equipment. The roller skin of the briquette machine determines the shape of the briquetts. The roller skin of the briquette machine is a cylindrical component with a ball socket dug in the surface layer outside the roller core of the briquette machine. According to different assembly methods, it can be divided into the integrated type and sub-packaging type. 


The quality of roller skin affects the quality and life of the briquette machine. Some raw materials are hard to press, and it is easy to wear the roller skin. Therefore, when choosing the briquetting equipment, we must consider the quality of the roller skin, and use high-strength wear-resistant materials to avoid the wear of the roller skin and greatly increase the service life of the briquette machine. 


Luoyang Kaizheng is using 9 chromium 2 molybdenum roller skin material casting, wear resistance, which will greatly improve the service life of briquetting equipment. According to the different needs of customers, goose egg shape, trapezoid, cuboid, and another different roller shape of the briquette machine, which make the model selection and output different. Hereby, we offer our customers the chance to choose the suitable briquette machine model according to the their specific production output.

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