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Repair and Bonding Method of Briquette Machine 



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Repair and Bonding Method of Briquette Machine


Dry powder briquette machine is composed of the main motor: Through the V-band, To the reducer, Reducer through coupling, Transmission to the driving shaft and then split the gear, Ensure that the two roller shafts are synchronized (constant speed and reverse direction), in which the piston of the hydraulic cylinder of the passive roller is resisted (the constant pressure type is resisted by the inclined iron), The hydraulic circuit, hydraulic control valve, and accumulator ensure the system pressure, Materials uniformly enter the hopper of the ball press from the storage bin through the quantitative equipment, Through the adjustment of the gate on the hopper, the material enters the middle of the opposite roller evenly, and the unit forming pressure of the opposite roller running at the same speed changes from small to large when compressing the material, and the forming pressure is very high at the center connecting line of the opposite roller. After the material passes through this line, the forming pressure quickly decreases, so that the material enters the ball-off state and smoothly takes off the briquette. 

At present, dry powder briquette machine is widely used, mainly in industries such as industry, desulfurization of power plants, minerals, metallurgy, etc. However, some wear and tear will occur after a long time of mechanical use, so how to repair it? 

The common bonding methods for repairing dry powder briquette machine are as follows: 

1. Hot melt bonding method. In this method, electric heat, hot gas, or friction heat are used to heat and melt the bonding surface, and when sufficient pressure is applied to the bonding until the condensing room is cooled. It is mainly used for bonding between thermoplastics in dry powder briquette machine. Most thermoplastics can be bonded when their surfaces are heated to 150 ℃-230 ℃. 

2. Solvent bonding method. Amorphous thermoplastic, the joint with a simple solvent or solution containing plastic, so that the surface melts to achieve the purpose of bonding.

3. Adhesive bonding method. The adhesive is used to bond two parts of the dry powder briquetting machine to achieve the required connection strength. This method is widely used to bond various materials of dry powder briquette machine, such as metal and metal, metal and nonmetal, nonmetal and nonmetal, etc. 
There are many kinds of adhesives used in dry powder briquette machine, and there are many classification methods. The basic components of adhesives can be divided into organic adhesives and inorganic adhesives. According to the source of raw materials, it is divided into natural adhesives and synthetic adhesives. According to the strength of bonded joints, it is divided into structural adhesives and non-structural adhesives. According to the adhesive state, it is divided into the liquid adhesive and homogeneous adhesive. The forms of adhesives are powder, rod, film, paste, and liquid. According to thermal properties, it is divided into thermoplastic adhesives and thermal homogeneous adhesives.

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