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Application of paper pulp waste liquid binder



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Pulp waste liquid is a good binder in the cold consolidation briquette industry, because of its low price, there are industrial cases instead of molasses as binder applications


1. Basic parameters

 Pulp waste liquid is dark brown thin paste liquid, soluble in water, density 1.2 ~1.5t/m³, its main economic indicators are as follows (different manufacturers, indicators will be different).



water content   %


Dry matter %


Water insoluble substance %  <


Minerals  %


PH   >



2. Ingredients of raw materials


Silt content






Quartz sand







Natural sand








3. Performance test

3.1 The amount of waste pulp liquid added

The experiment shows that the wet bulb strength increases with the increase of binder when the mixture is formed. When the amount of binder reaches 6-7%, the strength begins to decrease. After a long time test, we can get the relationship between the amount of binder and strength. We believe that when the binder is added beyond a certain amount, the moisture will increase correspondingly, the wetting effect of materials will be strengthened, and the relative slip between materials will be increased, because the wet bulb strength will be reduced.

Due to the surface tension of this binder material, the material has a relatively strong shell, but also due to the common use of this binder with clay such as bentonite, so that the mixed material has a large wet strength.

The wet strength of the mixture can be greatly improved by increasing the amount of clay and the overall moisture content.

Experiments show that this kind of binder is suitable for use with clay, and its ratio is best controlled at (pulp: clay) =1:2 or so, and the strength of the mixed material is the best.


3.2 Drying

The experiment shows that when the drying temperature is slightly more than 100℃, the type ball has a greater strength, the temperature is more than 140-150℃ then began to lose the bond, usually in order to make the type ball dry to the center, still maintain a higher drying temperature, the reasonable temperature is: 160-180℃. Another problem with this is that because of the lower drying temperature, it takes longer for the shaped balls to reach their maximum strength. The drying time usually takes about 1-2 hours. The drying time is also related to the convection velocity of hot air.

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