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Application of intensity mixing and pelleting technology



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In terms of iron ore resources on a global scale, the proportion of fine and ultrafine iron ore concentrates consumed shows a continuous increase, while the proportion of lump-rich and powdered ores gradually decreases. Innovations and technological advances in iron ore preparation have made it possible to apply large amounts of fine-grained iron ore concentrates in sintering plants. The use of powerful mixing and granulation innovations has improved the homogeneity of very fine iron ore concentrates, ensuring production reliability, high operating rates and excellent product quality.



1. Advantages of high-intensity mixer

1.1 The homogenization effect can be achieved in a short time, and the good quality of the mixture can be maintained for a long time.

1.2 Because the fine powder is better coated on the particle surface, the permeability of the sinter is improved, thus improving productivity. 

1.3 Simple and fast installation, simple operation and maintenance of structural parts, less wearing parts, reliable operation, saving installation and operation costs.


2. Application examples of high-intensity mixer
Some large sintering projects abroad, such as CSA in Brazil and TATA in India, use a high-intensity mixer to mix and granulate, i.e. a high-performance mixer instead of a drum mixer and granulator.


The coarse mineral powder is added to the continuous-running high-intensity mixer with fine mineral powder, as well as the melt, steel mill dust ash, coke powder, and regrind in a certain ratio, with a residence time of about 1 min, and 80% to 90% of the formulation water. The material can be transferred from the first mixer, which is arranged on the floor, to the second mixer, which is located very close to it. The mixing tools of the powerful mixer are designed with frequency control and the speed of each mixer tool can be adjusted individually.


3. Conclusion
The innovative technology of high intensity and granulation can obtain completely uniform sintering materials, which is the basis of guaranteeing higher sintering quality and process stability. Especially suitable for new sintering machines, old sintering machine transformation projects and steel dust, sludge recycling, reduce energy consumption, meet the requirements of various special processes. It is especially suitable for enterprises with a high ratio of fine iron concentrate and iron-containing waste.

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