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Factors affecting the quality of cold pressed pellets



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The cold press briquette machine is now more and more widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, transportation and other industries, mainly used to press coal powder, iron powder, coke coal powder, slag, gypsum, coke powder and other kinds of powder and waste slag. 

The quality of cold pressed pellets is the key factor that affects the production line capacity and cost. What are the quality factors that determine the quality of cold-pressed pellets into balls?


1. Forming pressure of briquette machine
The influence of the mechanical strength of the ball press is very great, and the level of the mechanical strength directly affects the advantages of the product in the subsequent industrial chain. The moulding pressure of the briquette machine is different due to the types of materials, the composition of moisture and particle size of materials and the number of types of adhesives, and its ratio requirements are different, so the moulding pressure needs to be constantly tested in production.


2. Material size and composition
The particle size distribution of the material should be reasonable, and to control the content of impurities, otherwise, the large material particles will be around the small particles empty. The practice has proved that the smaller material size is conducive to the close alignment of the particles, cold pressing briquette machine using a binder moulding process, particle size composition should make the total surface of the material smaller than the total space between the particles is also smaller, thereby reducing production costs.


3. The water content of the material
If the water content of the material is large, it will easily lead to the bonding of the product and the pressure roller, which will lead to the incomplete shape of the product and affect the briquette rate, so we have to control the water content of the material. Different materials have different moisture requirements. Usually, the moisture content of the material is controlled below 4% for hydrophobic binder and 10-15% for hydrophilic binder.


4. The ratio of binder and material
Selecting the right binder is the key to coal briquette. After determining the right binder, the best amount of binder to use is determined by experiment according to the ratio standard of binder and material.

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